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by properbowen Jan 23, 2016
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This prints ok and does the job nicely. There seems to be some flaw after the first few layers are down. I just printed the second copy of this today and the same flaw on the left corner occurred again. Also, at the centre of the phone stand and level with the speaker holes, there is a strange flaw that appeared in both of my prints.

So in Cura, this drops in as in the picture above, actual orientation.
However in this position it prints in mid air after the base and sound holes.

So few questions, why?, and what orientation should it be on the build plate.

And finally, which one is the one to print, there are about 6 different stl files, all not very well labelled.
any help appreciated.


It will print on most printers in the orientation shown. The 'dock' part has a 10° backward slope, which is a fairly tame overhang.

The file you want depends on what case you're using if any. For just the iPhone 6 on its own, use the iPhone_6s_stand.STL file. If your case isn't one of the listed files I'm afraid I can't help. I will be releasing a more universal remix shortly, so watch this space

Lol....my bad.....
Can you belive right before saving the code in Cura, I accidentally caught the "spiralize" check box...hahaha

So yup printed fine mate thanks...

Will an iPhone 7 Plus fit as well?

Not in this version, but I'm working on another

Hey there,
my 6S is 8,5mm thick with silicon Case (I think it is the ultrathin version??)

Does any fit for it? :)

Comments deleted.

Properbowen, just reading through the comments and seeing your generosity in making the many requested edits. You are a pretty awesome contributor to the community. Thank you!!!

Thanks for the comment! Means a lot. I wish I could do more, but young family/ full time job/ Open University degree study keeps me very busy.

Is one of these for the iPhone 6s + with otterbox?

The only 6+ version is for the standard apple silicone case unfortunately

any chance you could hook a brother up?

Anyone else getting horizontal layer separation on the back piece just under the apple logo? I've printed twice and it in the SAME exact spot. Never had this issue with the original file by ScanSource3D or even the modified one for the 6 by nowhereman666. This was for the Apple Silicone case file.

Had the same split issue with Shodan's version, you can even see the error in Simplify 3D on his.

Also, the charging cable doesn't fit snug like the other original and remixes.

Made this for my wife and she loves it. Thanks!

Hi! which configuration do you recommend to PLA? Perimeter, infill and layer

i usually do 3 perimeters, 20% infill and 0.2 or 0.3 layer height.

I really like this design (remix), thanks for your efforts. I was wondering if you could modify this stand in order to fit the iphone 6 with the otterbox commuter wallet case? It has a hump in the lower rear that adds 6.5mm of depth. Thanks in advance. It also has a lightning port cover that is 13.5mm wide.

Really sorry, but I wont be able to take any requests for a little while. Busy with family/work/degree/cars/etc!
Not sure how it would work with the lightning port cover anyway...

does it fit the iphone 5c

Wouldnt have thought so... sorry

Does iPhone6+stand-_inc._apple_case_WIP work with the Apple leather case?

not sure... if you werent aware, that particular model is for the larger 6+ (6 plus)

I tried to make this last night and maybe it's because I'm brand new at this but the back (first) part came out really well but when it got to the large protrusion for the back of the phone to rest on, it was a HUGE mess. Just a big ball of stringy mess. What am I doing wrong? Should I have changed it to sit upright?

Oh yes, sorry about that. Solidworks uses a different origin coordinate direction to nearly everyone else, so they usually need flipping 90° along the x. Looks like I missed that on one model. You can use the free Netfabb to do this, or do it within your printer settings, or dl the [now] corrected file.

Thank you! I woke up to a huge mess and realized that it was because it was on its side. I have new software that should be able to print it correctly I hope!

Super design. Such a relief to see such a well designed thingi with no need of supports anywhere.

Printed the Phone6+stand-_inc._apple_case_WIP.stl. Only one problem is that the power adapter fits EXACTLY in the hole provided. Unfortunately this means that with a case, the power socket does not click into the iPhone. I have remixed it to:

  1. raise the bottom of the plug by 0.75mm so that the iPhone clicks in with the case in place. 2. Cut slots into the 2 sides so that the stand can be used with the iPhone in landscape mode as well 3. The rear of the riser part (the part behind the Apple logo) does not actually merge with the rest of the model but there is a tiny ledge there. Fixed that. Will post the remix shortly.

But it was a pleasure printing this thing. Took about 5 hours @ 45mm/s and 0.2 layer height but it simply printed perfectly. So happy I did not have to do any post printing and removal of supports. Kudos.

Do you mind sharing your modified files? I'm really interested in what you did I want to use it for my iPhone 7+

Trying to print the otterbox version on a xyzprinting da Vinci mini with stock firmware. Gives me "printer error" after slicing and while sending data to printer. Ran off a test print fine right after--anyone have an idea what this printer might not like about the model? Thanks

Just ran the model through netfab without detecting any errors. Have read there can be some comms glitches with the xyzprinting software. You tried power cycling the machine, and ensuring its connected stable before running the software?
Regards, Andy


Thank you for this design it's great! However, I printed one and it didn't fit my phone :(

I was hoping you might be able to help me out and upload a new version? I could probably make it myself but as I use Sketchup it'll take me a lot longer to deal with all those curves to resize it.. I assume you could do this way faster than I can trying to do it in Sketchup!

A couple of things:

1) Could you deepen the lightning connector plug seat (so you could in theory push the plug deeper?) I am using an off-brand cable and it fits, but it's connector is just too tall by maybe 5-8mm my lightning plug is 13.7mm tall by 5.5mm wide

2) Could you widen the phone port to accept a silicon case that is 9mm thick, 74mm wide?

It's a great model though it looks great, I just wish it fit my phone correctly I should have been more careful and measured instead of assuming.

I'll give it a go. Where are you measureing the connector? The standard connector (plastic body) is 12mm tall, 5mm thick and 8mm wide. Should only need 1.7mm more depth. Not sure what the 5-8mm is needed for... Dont forget the connector usually needs to poke out a little way to accomodate the thickness of the silicon case around the socket.
I've printed a fair number of scrap parts myself, just part and parcel of 3D printing. At least the material is cheap enough!

7 hours to print, but well worth it! Fits my iPhone 6S like a glove. Great design!! Only word of caution is to make sure you are using Apple lightning cable with this model - all the other third party cables I have are too large to fit through the opening in the dock.

Really nice design! :)
The iphone 6 got a curvey edge right, do you know which radius it is?

The edge radius of the actual handset? My guess was that it was a constant curvature, tangent to both faces, which means the diameter is the same as the thickness of the phone. I measured this to be 7.1, so the radius is R3.55

Hi, Love the case. I want to modify this myself and put a logo from my company in it.
My boss bought the new ultimaker 3 and asked me to print an iphone stand for the whole company.(16 people)
The problem is that i can't open the solidworks part because we only have a license for 2013. Would you mind exporting it in a file that i can open in solidworks 2013? Thanks in advance!


No problem. I've uploaded a STEP file which should work on any release, just without the feature tree.
If you're boss wanted to give a small donation, I wouldnt say no... :D

Thank alot man! i'll pass him the request. its up to him if he wants to make a donation :/ . I will upload pictures in the "made" section when i finished the first 4. Keep up the good work!

Would be good to see! Dont feel obliged to give anything ;) this place would be nothing without all the free content

Can you make a version for an iPhone 6plus?

i do already have a version for the plus with a case; "iPhone6+stand-_inc._apple_case" if that helps?

Thanks for this. Works well! I have a third party silicon case so used your Apple case version and it fits like a glove! :-).

Did the connected fit ok? I've just modified the Silicone case design to add 1mm to the connector height.

Yes, it's fine. Connects straight away. Well the way mine printed anyway and holding up well :-)

Hey I love this idea! If the offer is still on the table, would you mind modifying the stand to fit my case? If so, the dimensions are 74 mm across and 9.3mm deep. Thank you! It's a tech21 sport case if you might be wondering. :)

Sorry for the delay. Uploaded a version based on your dimensions. I had to guess the connector depth dimension... just to confirm (based on the increase in width) does the lightning port sit about 7mm within the bottom of the case? If not, let me know the measurement and I'll adjust!

Would you be able to modify the model to fit an iphone 6s with the silicon apple case?

will do when i get the time. Got the dimensions?

The measurements with the Apple silicone case are 69.9 mm across and 9.2 mm deep.

Thanks for a nice design.

Thanks, uploaded a new version. Let me know how it goes.

Brilliant! Thats good to know, cheers.

I spoke too soon charger doesn't reach because of the added bulk of the case

Ah yea, I did add a bit to that area just in case, I guess not enough. How much more height does it need? Can always print some small c-shaped washers to pack it out.

Comments deleted.

I have no idea go be honest with you. My caliper just broke. I bet you'd be able to get the extra dimensions right from a website that sells the iphone 6s apples silicone case :)

I really like this stand and just purchased my first 3D printer and would love to print this. Would it be difficult to resize to support the iPhone 6+ with a standard Apple case? I took some measurements based on your response to a previous request. All of these are with the case installed. Width = 80.7mm, depth to port = .96mm, back to center of port = 5mm and from front glass to connector 3.5mm. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the interest. I've uploaded a 'work in progress' based on your dimensions. Working blind, I do apoligise if it needs a few iterations to get right!
Failing that, I've been looking back through the 'Remixed From' trail, and this design seemed to have started life as a 6+ dock. I, among many others have remixed this since (myself mainly in order to redraw in solidworks).
Let me know how it goes.

I printed it. It turned out perfectly. The speaker redirect was a really handy feature! Great design, and thank you!

Thanks, good to know. I can't claim credit for the design, just tweaked it a bit to my own preference.

Can you make an adjustment so it can be put in there with a case. Like an Otterbox not the huge ones, but the slimmer ones I can get measurements if needed.

Question: is this the commuter or the symmetry? These are both smaller than the defender.

yea no problem. may take some trial and error. How accurately can you take measurements?
need: width across edges (?), depth to lightning port (6?), thickness from center of lightning connector to back (7.5?) and from center of lightning connect to front (5?)

Hey, so the otterbox one you made fits pretty well, but the cable sits too high up. Maybe like 2mm deeper would work a little better. I would fix it myself but solidworks complains about makes cuts into mesh files. I'll probably just dremel it out instead of reprinting just wanted to let you know.

Cheers for the feedback. I've made the change if it helps anyone.