Steampunk Goggles using 52mm Photographic Filters

by guyc Aug 6, 2013
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Since, I wear glasses, I used a dremel to cut into each goggle just below the monacle support to allow the corners of my glasses to stick out. I designed and printed covers for the bows of my glasses and then redid the bridge so it was wider.

But, these were just tweaks on a great base design.


What is the screw size which is connecting the monicle to the goggles and what is the size of the monicle glass ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

The screw is metric M4, outer diameter is about 3.75mm. The monocle glass diameter is 22mm.

thanks bro.............

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These are actually pretty useful for individuals that need higher power reading magnification. The add on lenses from these goggles are fairly hard to find and are ven more expensive when you do. You should consider a mod of this so that people could print their own glasses mounts.

I recommend Bicycle tire tubes as a strap. I get free busted ones from a couple of repair places near me. Its got a little bit of strech and has a natural curve to it. It is also easy to laser cut.

That's a great idea. Laser cut inner tubes? Mind blown!

One of the artists at my studio makes beautiful jewelry out of them (http://www.alixandrabarron.com/). She let me have some of her scrap... now I use it for a number of different things.

Use PVA (white Glue) to adhere it to a block of wood so that it lays flat when you are cutting it. The PVA is water soluble and washes right off.

These are beautiful goggles. Thank you for the inspiration! If I get around to making a pair I'll post them here to show how they come out.

The laser cut rubber is really lovely. Thanks for sharing that with me.

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you bet ye i am gonna make mine

Curious, do the monocle line up with your eyes? Looks a little high about your eye.

No they don't line up - at the time I made them I thought it would be best if they stayed out of your line of vision. Lengthening the holder should be as easy as adding some positive value to monacleMountPos.x in the OpenSCAD file.

Beautiful! I have already bought some 52 mm lenses to make glasses.

I've replaced the bridge that joins the two eye cups with a part that is better sized, and that rotates the eye-cups out from each other. Previously you had to heat the PLA and bend the bridge to give it a curve. Now it should be usable as printed, although you can still heat it to adjust the curve for a better fit.

That is just about the coolest thing I've seen on Thingiverse. Bravo!