Barrel Golem (18mm scale)

by dutchmogul Jan 25, 2016
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I tried printing the posed version and it is very weak. Fell apart while removing the support material.

If you could separate the barrels and arms/hands into a peg and hole system, it would print much easier AND allow for manual posing.

Yeah, I've got it slated for a modular posed version, but... you know, not enough time in the day. I'll post it one of these days after I get around to printing the prototype I made.

May i Second GamerGorman20 thoughts? I bought my 14 year old son(lets face it, both of us) a printer for Christmas and whilst having his first look at Thingiverse he insisted The Barrel Golem be the first thing we print.We tried all 3 versions and although we finally managed the unposed single piece print it took us around 8 attempts at each until we discovered we had to print it at 150% scale or the joints failed.
I've spent a good few hours trying to find a way of splitting he model into 8 or more individual parts but to no avail.I guess I'm just not techy enough!
Anyway the plan my son now has is to use the maximum volume on the printer and print The Barrel Golem so the completed item would stand at around 45cm tall.
Hate to be apain in the backside, but yeah it'd be great if the model were in individual pin together parts.

I've got something in the works, but I have too many other projects to give it much attention at the moment. I'll post something eventually though.

The split file isnt split good for printing, the left side one leaves pieces floating I have noticed. Is it possible to split them in two even pieces?

Oh, weird. It printed for me, but settings/printers are all a bit different. Yeah, I'll take a look at it. I can probably get a more even split by adjusting the pose a bit. I'll drop another message here when it's updated.