1x2x3 Plus Cube puzzle

by rcpongo Jan 26, 2016
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is there any way to tighten the cube its little loose


Unfortunately there is not much to tighten on this mechanism and it tends to be a bit floppy. You may be able to adjust the pin length to tighten it up a bit, but there will always be a bit of this.

I am currently rebuilding this puzzle to create an improved version. The new version will require a spring and Chicago screw from a hardware store, but it should perform much better. That version will eventually be posted here, but I have no timeline for when it will be ready yet.

printing now hope it works and thx.

speed cuber.

I printed 1x2x3_plusCube_allParts_v2.stl, and I can't get the pin to snap in place. It seems like the head of the pin is too big, or the hole in the center piece is too small.

It is made to be a very tight fit, so it may take a bit of forcing to get it in there.

Are you having trouble getting the pin in the hole, or getting the pin to snap in with the insides? If it is the former, try and clear away a bit around the opening by sanding or dremeling a small bevel around the hole. That should help ease the pin in, and won't effect the puzzle. If the internal part is not snapping in, check that there isn't something blocking inside. I have seen a few where the internal hole needed to be cleared out a bit first.

Hope that helps some.

It is trouble getting the pin to snap in with the insides. I'll try cleaning up the internal hole a little bit and see if that helps. Thanks for responding so quickly.

Hope you can get it to work. The tolerances are tight inside there because the pin needs to be able to push against the back of the opening when the 2 center pieces are placed together. If there is any sagging inside the hole it could make this too tight.

I tried cleaning it up and forcing it in, but ended up destroying the inside of the center piece. I'm deciding now if I want to try printing again, or changing it up to a pin mechanism like the normal 1x2x3 http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2412.

1x2x3 puzzle: A friendlier Rubik's Cube for a better world
by TomZ

Turns out I needed to clear out much more support than I thought from the center. Reprinted centers and it works now! Posting a make now.

Just a heads up for those who want to print one, don't download the all parts because it doesn't work, if it were flipped on its side it would work though

I've just updated the all parts file with a new "v2" version that should have the correct orientation.

There is no change to anything other than that.

The old version has been deleted, but will still work fine if you rotate in your slicer.

Very cool. Im a cuber who finally got his hands on a 3d printer.. How difficult is this puzzle? Ive never seen one like it before.

This one is easy! It's just a slight bit more difficult than a regular 1x2x3, since you can transfer the end pieces around a bit more.

I think the design is new,... I've never seen anything like it either. Credit goes to my son though,... it was his suggestion to make a simple 1x2x3 a bit more complicated, and since it uses the same mechanism it was easy to make.

Printing it right now. Very excited :)