Customizable Spring Footings for Replicator 2/2X Build Plate

by whpthomas Aug 8, 2013
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Another WHT mod to my R2 - Bit slow on getting to this one, but following the number of issues I have had in recent months, I'm on a bit of a spree for printing off additional & improved designs.

This combined with an idea I got just by looking the printer while printing this parts, would make it easy and super steady!
I am talking about magnets, why not use magnets somehow to fasten the build plate? Somehow that should be possible with some easy modifications. Just an idea, I want to try figure some about that. If I find a good solution I will upload it.

Just fitted them (and a set of knurled knobs) to my FlashForge. When I lifted the month-old springs off the wooden bed they were beginning to gouge into the wood so this Thing has come just in time! Many thanks.

I have updated this design to make it customisable.

I just used some stainless steel "fender" washers for a small diameter bolt... 2 per spring.

Mine were so tight to the screw that they had to be screwed on. I'm not sure if that's the design or if I used too many shells, but it inhibited leveling with the screws. The other issue I had was they were so tall, even when they were as tight on as they could go, my bed was too high and couldn't be leveled without z adjustment (I think anyway, I've never messed with Z pos). I ended up clipping them to less than half their height and tweaking their position on the screw until my bed was level. Now it's pretty rock solid! Thanks for the useful upload.

Thanks for the feedback, I enlarged the hole slightly and made a shorter version.

Just to clarify, the shorter version is for people that don't have the aluminum arm upgrade?

Yes, the shorter version if for the original Replicator 2 arms and build plate.

hi i tried the shorter version but it is still a little too long.2 mm shorter and it might be the right size

Made another even shorter one - see if that helps.

thanks its perfect

I ended up doing something similar with recovered silicone vibration dampers from an old CDROM.

Don't you need that little bit of give?

+1 I will put it on my to do upgrade list :)
Just for my understanding what exactly do you mean by registration errors ?

If you (or the nozzle) bumps the build plate it shifts on the springs - this leaves lines, particularly on larger objects.