Halo Energy Sword

by adafruit Jan 28, 2016
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Anyone have an approximate cost for the amount of filament used?

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do the blade pieces need to be mirrored? cause i only see enough for one blade? or are there files missing for the other side of the sword?

Yes, you'll need to print two of the blade assemblies. The second blade is "mirrored" by simply flipping it.

does the Adafruit 328 Battery fit in this I can't find the 2000mah that is listed

What filament color would you suggest using for the blade?

Check out my final build of the energy sword here!!


I'm super confused about the scale of this build. I started printing the other design on myminifactory.com, which is huge, and to the scale that I've found for the 'actual' weapon. Last night, I printed the handle parts for this version, and they're significantly smaller. Was I meant to import them scaled for inches rather than millimeters? My only real concern about scaling it up to 'full size' is the internal mounting for the boards and such.


I've been trying to get the bluefruit Arduino code modified so that the programs loop continuously instead of ending and waiting for the next input and having the program pickup where it was when the power switch was turned off and back on. I can't get those modifications to work. I'm brand new to coding, would anyone be able to help?

Hi there, we suggest posting this up on https://forums.adafruit.com/ Our support engineering team (or folks in the community) can provide some tips.

I have looked for g-code but have not seen it. Did I miss it.

George Robles

Could you please provide more specific settings for the supports when printing the handle pieces? I use simplify3D, and the handles did print successfully, but the pieces are so thin that they split and broke when i tried to remove the supports when using PLA. Support infill percentage, pillar resolution, separation distance settings - any of these details would help. Thanks!!

Hi there,

Please check out our 3DHangouts video where we show how to add the supports in Simplify3D.


can it be printed on a printer bot simple metal with matrix percition upgrades?

Everything except the blade pieces will fit on a 150mmx150mmx150mm build volume. However, the blades could be split further into pieces using a program like MeshMixer.