Clip glass bed for Prusa i3 / Wanhao Duplicator i3 with screw lock - Update

by JonBAL Jan 27, 2016
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I printed one of these. It was a tad too small to fit over my plate (Monoprice Maker Select i3). also it did not reach into the bed enough to grasp my Fleks 3d plate. It was like it was shrunk by 2 to 3 percent... I used Cura. I also had the problems mentioned below about it giving an error the first print, but I ignored them.

anyone have issues with damaging their heatbed with the screws?

Also, these files fail to load in Cura 2.3.1.

I fixed the files by going here.

At first it said failed, so I tried again, and the 2nd time they worked.

Unless I'm missing it, more information would be appreciated.

What size is short, medium, and Long? Is that for short, med, and long screws? Or is it for short, medium, and long glass?
Or is it for the length on the clips?

Any help would be appreciated.

u should add a set for 4mm :)

4mm glass is very heavy (large width and slow heat). I recommend you find a 2mm glass, it is optimally.

Nice! Just a thought, is it possible to flip the screw, so that the head is where the nut are, and use the "tumbscrews" to mount/dismount the clip? Would be awesome! :)

Maybe I misunderstood your idea ... but in this embodiment, the clip will not be pressed to the bed. Is not it?

yeah, you are right, came to that conclusion myself after some time of the printer... :p would be nice if we can come up with a simple solution to make it happen though :p ( like, using threaded rod instead of the screw maybe :) )

Yeah, something like that :p