Leaning Tower of Pisa

by Chrisibub Jan 28, 2016
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Very nice model, great offer of support to the users of your files.....thank you for sharing and for continually updating ... it will be fun to print your design and to learn something new.

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How did you print the bells?

I split the tower into several parts. Also the bells were printed seperately and glued into the top of the tower then. If you want to have the files, I can upload them here!

Yes please. Upload the files

I´ve uploaded them now. :D

I tried to print this at 100mm tall and the printer did not like the size of the pillars. I printed at 200mm and the pillars came out perfect. I just ran out of Z axis lol It stopped at about 180mm and died on me.

Oh damn, that's a pity! Should I split the tower into more parts for you? Then you will be able to print it without any hight problems! :)
Regards, Christoph

Haha yeah.. No, ill try printing it at 175mm tall. That should do it. I bought some marble filament so i am going to try that. I think it should come out good this time ;)

Very well done model with a lot of details.
See my make with settings that led to bells printed and no supports behind the pillars!

Hi, Christophe!
Thank you for uploading some pictures of your amazing print. Glad to see that all the details i put into the model can be printed that good! The decision of just using supports with the bells turned out to be helpful as I can see - thanks for the description.
I'm happy that you like what I've made out of this piece of architecture! :)


Another comment: I remarked that even if tilted by 4° around the x axis, the tower is not perfectly straight. I've seen that from the slices produced by Cura: not totally identical along the perimeter.

You're welcome. This is one of my favorite prints!
Not sure if it's possible but a good solution would be to include some bell supports in the model directly, so that we do not need any support at all in the slicer ! The challenge is to make them easy to remove :-)

Thank you for letting me know about the problem with the 4°. I'll check that and correct it!
When designing, I've already thought abt the bells, nevertheless I decided not to add supports manual. But I'll make an updated second version with bell supports for the future makers to have the decision which one to take.

Thank you for using the phrase "sisyphean labour"... it's a perfect description for some of the impossible arrays I've printed in the past. :-)

If I can modify the model in any way to make it printable for you easier (cutting into pieces e. g.), please let me know! I'm ready to realise your wishes in order for you to get a satisfying result!

Well, that one is a challenge to print. I am trying to figure out how to only put support for those damn bells at the top in cura, but even with the support at 80 degree, you still get them all over the place in the arch.


I have already noticed that when taking a look at it in Cura. The main issue lies in not being able to manually add or remove parts of the support lines or grids.

If you want to, I can manually add some 0.4mm support lines under the bells, just tell me what size you want to print the whole tower and I'll do that for you.


Hey Chris,

Thanks for your answer! That would be great! I unfortunately went with a different model for that print. I needed a Pisa tower in orange for someone's living room, 210mm high. You can see the result here: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:351910
I would have loved to use your model as it looks more detailed.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

That's also a pretty model - and a very great print of it!

Nevertheless, if you still want to give mine a try, please tell me the required size and I'll add the supports for the bells! I'd be glad to make this for you if it prints better then! :)