Rear Active Cooling Duct v2 for FlashForge Creator and Makerbot Replicator 1

by ultravincent Jan 30, 2016
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Would really like to see a model that had a smaller opening for a single extruder setup.

I downloaded the IPT file in Fusion, but couldn't figure how to alter it on my own unfortunately.

Thanks for the model, I'm going to try this, but just a question: on the Creator Pro, will this make the head bump when homing to the most-rear position? If so, how do you manage this and does it make you lose a bit of the work surface? Thanks!!

i'll realy aprricated if some one lead me for a '' Y SHiM '' :/

Great desing and so usefull now matter what, i just dont wanna reconfig my startup script so thats why i asking for a y shim link if its exist :)

I printed this in ABS with supports and it came out great. I used some long needle-nose pliers and was able to remove the supports easily.

Now I'm just waiting for this fan to be delivered from Amazon: http://smile.amazon.com/uxcell%C2%AE-Brushless-Sleeve-Bearing-Cooling-50mmx15mm/dp/B00W8W8LMM I'll let you know if this particular fan fits once I receive it.

I test fitted the the duct and the very tip of one of little side clips broke off. It still seems like it will stay on, but there is a little bit of play from side to side. Is that okay? Or should it not move at all once clipped on?

A little play is fine. Depending by the print, it can either fit super tightly or slightly nice around. As long as it doesn't wobble during prints is fine

I'm probably going to print this also: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1396391 The second peg it has for the fan should make the whole assembly pretty solid.

Flashforge Creator Pro cable & filament tube Support v3

Is there a link to a shim I can print for this or no?

There is, you can search here for Flashforge Y axis shim

When I perform a search for that or any variant of that I do not get anything related. It only takes me back to this design, guessing because you posted those words in the comments so Thingiverse indexed them.

Comments deleted.

By the way, I took a look at why it was hitting in the start position. Turns out its hitting the allen screws that secure the build plate support. Replace the screws with shorter ones (I used the extras that came with the FFCP) and no need to alter the GCode!

You have the FF Creator Pro.. mine is Creator simple and has big, square arms that go along the vertical guides. Those are the things I was hitting ;)

Awesome! I'll post a link on mine so everyone knows to download yours. I'll also be posting up my pics I made of it in a bit.

Hi itsbrian,

I'd love to see your pix, especially to find out where the duct can collide with the allen screws. Still not quite sure which part you are referring to. Can you post them here or send us the link.

All the best

Here you go! Just replace the allen screws that are circled in the picture below with shorter ones and you should be good to go!


Thanks man! Appreciated.