P3steel 2.x - silicone damper for printbed

by toolson Jan 31, 2016
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Thanks for this, Ender 3 is 4mm?

Printed perfectly. Filled with sugru ... but how to get them out without breaking them? :-S
Already broke one of the dampers..

Use the recommend 2-component silicone and get them out trouble free.

Anybody tried to print these from TPU?

Thanks a lot. They work perfectly. I made a spacer to adjust the height of the dampers for Anet A6. I could have done a totally different geometry but it works very good :-).

I'm fairly new to this, and will be making my first reprap.
What is the advantage of using the 6mm higher version?

I tried something similar. It wasn´t too stiff, but it was not possible to get it out of the form in one piece.

For all they interested in this cool feature.... i need 18g silicon for the damper.

Hi Lars, That is genius, the springs annoy me too, they just aren't that efficient and can cause resonance.
Silicone will absorb resonance perfectly I think.
I have never moulded silicone, do you have any suggestions on exactly what I should use please?

It's a special castable heat resistent 2-component silicone.

I used this one:

Thank you, I'll try to find something similar here in the UK.

Have you found something similar in UK ??

Don`t want to order something random from Germany,
couldn't find anything on UK E bay ...


The silicon used by Toolson have a shore value of 33. The shore value is the silicone's hardness when dry. the higher "shore" number the harde the silicon is when dry.

So if you search for " silicone shore 33" you might find a product simular in the UK.

I have search high and low, but still not found anything yet.

If I find something I'll post here now that I know others are interested, I'm assuming you're in the UK too?

Mix corn starch and 1-component silicone (smells strongly like acetic acid) for example between 1:1 and 1:3. The more starch you add, it will cure faster and be more sticky. Search for "Oogoo" with Google.

Thats awesome, thank you so much.

So no springs anymore?

The springs always annoyed me.
That is why i try something new.

Also dislike the springs.

How do you level the bed?

Still like before, with screws.