Serious Clamp It Square ! (3 sizes)

by J-Max Jan 31, 2016
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Here's a holder for 2x medium squares for my tool wall: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3135812

Clamping square holder
by gronax

Hi Simon,
Your holder is great ! I will print some for my personal use !
I put the link to your holder in the main description.
Well done mate !

I just printed off two of the mini, but there is a major issue for me. The corner geometry seems to have a mistake as when you put the timber in, it cannot but right up correctly. The medium and large sizes don't have this issue, just the mini. see photo

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Thank you Enikka ! I'm glad you like it.

It's the first time report about this issue in more than 2000 downloads. Any picture ?
The name is a hole in the surface, it should not cause any issue. This should be a printer calibration issue.
I printed several times on various printers and the face is dead flat any time.
Maybe you can lightly sand around the name, most of the square faces will be flat anyways, so that should not affect your clamping process.

You may check your printer calibration and slicing parameters.
Calibration takes a while but once it's done you enjoy near to perfection parts. ;)

printing it in ABS on an open I3 wasn t the best decision but it works fine. Thanks for that nice project


Maybe you experienced some wrapping ? Well, may I suggest you consider any corresponding build surface, like PEI, BuildTak or Zebra plate ?


Do these things hold up pretty good?


You mean these squares ? They do the job they're meant to do : keeping boards (or so) square during final assembly. As long as you don't ask them to force twisted materials in place, it will be ok. Note, this is plastic too, you can't apply a huge amount of pressure on it. But if you compares to Rockler's (whom nobody ask if it hold up pretty good, through : http://www.rockler.com/search/go?w=clamp%20squares&asug=&sli_uuid=&sli_sid=) my design is stiffer and allows more features. As long as you respect recommanded print settings, of course.

You're welcome mate !
I use them very often. I have 8 pieces of each size now.

Awesome work, thank you very much!