Herb grinder with container

by buugiebuu Feb 1, 2016
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I smoke ABS at morning
I smoke PLA at night
I smoke Nylon everyday
It makes me feel allright! (c) :D

...the Toyes will forgive me that mix :)

I am making one right now with a DELTA printer.
1.- The middle part needs support material...
2.- The top part need to be partially resized ( you need the inner perimeter to be about 1mm wider ) but be careful, if you resize the whole thing then the spikes won't fit...

For the support material I used 15% infill, distance X/Y=2mm and distance Z=0.15
That made the trick but taking all the support material out was a little messy..

I am very noob with 3d modeling (first time this week) so my solution is probably not the most accurate...
Using SketchUp Make: First explode the figure, selected everything but the spikes and the spikes floor, made a group with those elements, scale the group to about 1.05... at this point there was a gap between the spikes floor and the inner wall so I had to repair that (just draw some lines.. )
and that's all, now it fits smoothly :)

Also the top piece is thick enough to serigraph something for a more custom grinder... anyway it took me a long while but the results were nice

I will print the container tomorrow and see if it fits... else I will need to resize it but that's the easiest part...

I feel like there has to be an easier way to make everything fit, like making walls thinner but I have no idea about how to do that... If u have any suggestion please share with me :)

Thanks for the heads up! Im printing it now as a solid PETG using all top layers. I am wondering if your experiencing material retraction - what material did you use?

Does this need supports? also what % infill and how many shells do you recommend for this print?

so, I ve just printed this out and I ve gotta tell it s impossible to turn the grinders the friction is too great to deal with!

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