Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

"Martin737" Project - All design files for Boeing 737 DIY simulator

by norkator Feb 1, 2016
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Just started to print the first part ;-)

Do you have the designs in dxf format please.

Thanks a lot. Just was i was looking fore :)

Great project Martin! One question: I'm looking at the pedestal panels. By judging from the pictures the holes for the 7 segments displays isn't cut the whole way through the panel? Do I have to remove that part from the modell before printing?

Yes, it made it like that because I through people are going to use different segment displays. You can change it to fit those displays what you are going to use. What I did my self was, that I printed panels like that and bought displays from china afterwards, they were kinda big so I had to cut panels and make raising parts on top of these to make it looks nicer. Check this video --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7r1P9sIljg

So edit it to suit your components :)

I see, that's smart! I'll measure mina and compare that to the hole. Thanks!

You've picked a license that states derivatives are not allowed, which seems to go against what you're saying in the description about others being able to modify the files as long as they link back to you and give credit. So credit given or not, they would be in violation of the license as it stands.

I think you're looking for just the "Non-Commerical" clause of the license, which allows for variations but prohibits anyone making money from them.

Yep, my mistake. Changed it to "Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial" that should be correct.