E3D Titan Extruder Upgrade for Prusa i3

by Gyrobot Apr 9, 2016
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a version with an 8mm inductive probe would be nice :-)

I made a remix with 8mm probe holder.

E3D Titan Extruder holder with inductive probe M8 and fan 40mm

Hi, have you checked out the remixes, there are some there with induction probes.

nope, but i will :-D thanks for the tip

If anyone wants a dual extruder version, check out my remix. I think it might even work lol

Thanks for the design.
How do you print the fan holder without supports? I can't seem to get an orientation without the need for supports.
Thanks in advance.

what belt thikness is ok for that carriege? standart only or thinner 1.3-1.4mm will fit ok?

Very nice. Only downside is that, IF using a P3Steel frame, you're loosing about 2cm in X direction because the radial fan collides with the frame when homing

Would this work on a Anet A8?

Did you find out?

E3D Titan Extruder prusa i3 X carriage

Great job man!
I'd purchase an upgrade for my prusa i3 (my)restyle, and it works goooood!!!

Hi, just to say,my carriage was printed on a brand new and calibrated zortrax M200, and it was impossible to get the zip ties to fit, it might be good on some printers but the not even 1/2mm tolerance is to tight to put other zip ties as the ones you use ( tried 3 different one with slightly different thicknesses and it did not work) had to go trough with a drill bit and make the zip go to the other side. after cutting it you could really see the tolerance is not big enough.

Also i'm pointing out that im from europe, the zip ties may not have exactly the same dimension (I dont know if you use american or european standarts) ^^

I'm sorry you are having issues with your cable ties, it would be interesting to see a photo.

The Wiki (linked above) states 2.5mm wide Zip Ties, but there are obviously many different makes. The slot in the CAD 3.5mm x 2mm I assure you that there is plenty of room for the ties I have after printing on my printer. YMMV though.

Am I the only one that has the print fan tip touching the hotend block? I had to space the fan back off the carriage to keep the fan tip from resting on the block. Unfortunately, this made my carriage deeper and reduced my X-axis and Z-Axis travel limits because the now deeper carriage hits my frame.

I have not heard of this before, can you supply a link to a photo please?

I'll add that this is the V6 Hotend, the fan holder supplied by E3D in the Prusa kit, and the carriage is the remixed version of yours with the sensor mounts.


May I request another photo, showing the heater block too. I can just see you have the silicon boot, but I would like to see more of set up. More photos the better.



can you tell me if it's work with LM12UU ?
Thanks in advance

Does the i3 upgrade kit fit/work on the i3 MK2 ?

Good question, if the two horizontal rods for the X axis are still the same pitch then I don't see why not.

is there a cable chain attachment that you could suggest for this?

I'm using this design on my Prusa and it works really good, though I'm currently not using LM8UU bearings, but switched over to IGUS Drylin ones, and they don't really care for not being properly fastened. I'm using zip ties as the design was made for, but it would be so much better if the enclosure went all the way around, covering the bearings, while still maintaining compatibility with the fan duct. Any chance of such a remix? Thanks!

The problem with a lot of Igus bushes (such as the one in this picture https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:91389) is that they are oversize because they are designed to be press-fit into a highly toleranced hole. This compresses the inner diameter down to the correct size. I understand that cable ties on these bushes will deform them somewhat and are not recommended.The bushes/bearings that are made of steel (or steel jackets) are perfectly fine to be used with the cable ties that this design is meant for.

LM8UU Linear Bush
by Gyrobot

Thanks for the swift reply! Yes, this is the case with my Y and Z axis, where they're mounted inside printed blocks and cannot deform. I use the IGUS RJ4JP-01-08 which do not come with a steel jacket. However, I've tried PLA bushings, and while they did work I was not convinced and I would still prefer to use the IGUS bushings. Maybe I'll just have to buy the steel covered ones. The biggest problem for me right now is not deformation, because the ones I have are so cheap, that even if they deform a little I can get new ones, but rather that if they're slightly misaligned, they move really badly. So when you have two of them in line with zip ties, it can get a little misaligned.

By the way, would you mind sharing that clamp block? Thanks!

Here : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:27945 but it's for the Igus not LM8UU because of the increased OD.

Orca 0.4x RJMP LME8UU bearing housing

Do you think that your design can be converted to use lm10uu bearings? I am trying to find a solution to mount a titan on 10mm bearings and currently do not see any options.

The desing is great, thank you very much, but I´m going to say my experience: I print it in PLA, and in a large print, the heat of the motor blend the wall of the suport, them the gear of the Titan touch against the piece.
However I love the desing, I will modify it a litle bit and I will continue using it.

what size is the fan?

It's a 50mm radial fan. The fan on the hot end is a 30mm axial fan.

Would this work for a Wanhao Duplicator i3?

Not really as you will no longer have an X limit switch.

Yeah. I figured that out. The fan duct kinda sucks too. Putting together my own design. I have a working prototype, but I need to refine a few things before I release it.

Did you manage to get round to having an uploadable file? Struggling with the design of my own.

Actually, I found this and stopped searching.
It's great. If you want to use the bltouch with it, you'll need to switch boards from the melzi it comes with to something else.

Wanhao Duplicator i3 E3D Titan Extruder mount
by bliatun

That's the one I'm using but I've found the fan duct a little one sided, cooling one side of the print better than the other.

Yeah that's the main issue I have with it too. If only the cobra cooler worked with it. Hm. I wonder if I could work out an adapter. I'll have to look at it some when I find some time to get back to my 3d printer. Been messing around with my K40 laser lately.

Ahh cool, I was thinking the same thing, something that clips on the end?

I've been looking at it myself. I thought a plate which bolts onto the existing bearing blocks with a tab for the limit switch and the nema mount, then just rework one of the existing rear-mounted cooler designs to suit the placement of the nozzle.

I'm not that bothered about having the Titan - it seems overpriced, but the V6 is very attractive to me so I'm in two minds whether to go down this route or something else.

Well like I said I have a working prototype running on my duplicator i3 at the moment. It's great. As to whether or not it's overpriced? Maybe. I've run almost an entire spool of PLA through it with NO problems at all. Very consistent extrusion. Though some of the performance improvement likely should be assigned to the v6 lite I'm using with it. Still I'm enjoying it so far and I don't know a better match for an e3d hot end than an e3d extruder.

Yes, the X rails are the same pitch.

I love the combination carriage and fan duct! Any chance you'd be willing to remix it without the nema mount and with the standard 4 mounting holes instead? That would make it a perfect retrofit for my chimera, which lacks a good layer fan.

Thanks for the file!

I just bought a Titan last week. Super compact little guy! Can't wait to use it.

This carriage should work with the e3d v5 and e3d v6 hotends, from what I've read.

I'm pretty sure a larger extruder motor will work fine, right? I have Nema 17's for now and I'm going to order some smaller ones to lighten the carriage a bit. The image you have above shows the smaller stepper motor, but I believe the way it's configured you can use a larger one, too?

I'm printing one out, right this second and it should be done in around an hour or so. Printed in PLA really well!

I have a Prusa i3 Rework design printer and e3d v5 3.0mm filament extruder hotend.

I had trouble with warping using PETG to print this. One end of the carriage has only a thin surface that touches the printbed. I normally print on a heated bed using aquanet on glass. This combo has been bullet proof for me. My first 3 tries they would all lift off the bed on the thin side about 2 hours into the print. I had to use a brim to get a successful print but it took a long time to remove it around the zip tie holes.

PETG is not a requirement for this carriage, PLA is also a good option. I used a beta PETG filament from Recreus on glass without heated bed, brim or raft but with hairspray, and this is the result, YMMV.

Any chance to add mounting for inductive sensor?

E3D Titan Extruder w/ 12-18mm Sensor and BLTouch Mounts for Prusa i3

I second this, add an 18mm sensor mount and this would be perfect.

E3D Titan Extruder w/ 12-18mm Sensor and BLTouch Mounts for Prusa i3

Hello, i love the design, but, how can you clean the Hobbed bolt? It is "close"
I think the titan shoud be instead. For more easy to clean the fragment of plastic .

This is for the Titan extruder, which is self cleaning. A quick hoover will suck up any loose debris.

This should work for Lite6 as well, right?

Yes it will work with all of the v6 eco-system.

The Lite6 shares the same 3.7mm-6mm-3mm spacing of the head "grooves" on the heatsink as the regular V6. So that should fit right into the Titan without any issue.

looks great the Titan

Man...the difference in size and mess compared to the greg's wade setup is amazing. Looks great. I don't have an i3, but I'm getting the Titan. Hopefully I can come up with a decent mount design that is as simple yours.

Thanks, what printer do you have, there are more conversions due in the pipeline?

I have a Robo 3d. Just heard from Filastruder that the beta Google docs has that printer already checked of for a mount. So maybe I will wait for the files to be released on the wiki. Then again, what's the fun in that. :) Again, great job on this. I know some i3 owners and recommended this upgrade.