Parametric Tardis

by Gossamer Oct 31, 2011
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But is it bigger on the inside?

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i lovith da doper hoop

nice work .looks great

The latest version of OpenSCAD is throwing this warning:
"DEPRECATED: polyhedron(triangles=[]) will be removed in future releases. Use polyhedron(faces=[]) instead."

My kids love the small tardis, and after printing out 4 or 5, they asked for a pencil topper version. So we got out the calipers, measured a #2 ticonderoga (7.5mm) and the hole in the small tardis (15.5mm). I was going to make them calculate the correct ratio but, spoilers, 50% scale works perfectly.

How long do the Tardises take to print? Thanks!

in my experience the small ones take about 3:30-4 hours to print at full size and the large ones take 7:30-8 hours to print depending on what type of printer you have

What settings do you recommend for slicing? Layer heights etc. I'm going to try this on my Prusa i3 soon. Thanks!

Very nice print. I will print one if my Robo printer ever works. Had it over a month without a print.

Awesome model.
Could you upload the SCAD parameters used to create the standard sized model please?

Printed on my Cube printer and made the labels from pictures on Goggle Images. 6:30 hour print time...but worth the wait.

FYI, http://www.etsy.com/listing/91828789/set-of-2-miniature-blue-police-callhttp://www.etsy.com/listing/91...  If that etsy listing is not yours, and you wish to uphold the GPL license that you released this on.  Please contact the author (or even Etsy) and make sure you get credit for this awesome design :D

This is great. However, the interior is not to scale.

lol. I don't think OpenSCAD can handle block transfer equation mathematics yet. :)

I've printed out a few of these and I love them. I made a time-lapse video of the print here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w63e2tZzbchttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

I've printed dozens of these things, kids (and adults) at SF conventions love them. I'm currently printing a batch of 50 to give away at Chicon - I have also scaled a Dalek from here which I'll print in silver to make a matching playset.

I love how well the details pop on this, even when printed small. Very nicely done!

how do you print such tall objects without warping?

I had some small cracks in the corners that I repaired with a heat gun. Other than that I wrapped at towel around the machine while it printed to try and keep it hot.

On a related note I've also found that different colors behave differently. I've printed the same model (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6358)http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... 3 times with the same gcode, x-y-x with 2 colors and found the same cracking issue in x both times (in the same layer no less) while y is flawless. No t
owel on them either.

by Zomboe

thanks for your response Gossamer. In your experience which colors have the least warping and cracking?

I am going to be printing a cube 10cm^3 print. But I'm sure that it must be possible to print something that size without warping and cracking (isn't ultimaker a much larger machine?)

Printed at .2mm on MakerGear Mosaic/PLA. I didn't have any blue :) SF43 semi-tuned.

Finally, a PROPER looking TARDIS. Thank you. Next time I have blue filament loaded this will be in the queue.

Thank you for a great addition to Thingiverse - the lighted version is highly desirable. I can think of building a little sound circuit to have the sound accompany the light effects.

The Scad file is not compiling properly on the XP machine because of the missing zeros in front of the .6 and other decimal numbers in the file. Even after correcting that Openscad hangs, so I will try later on the Mac to see if it fares any better.

Glad you mentioned that, forgot to mention that for me this will not just "compile" (F5), it crashes openSCAD with a C++ error, but it WILL render (F6). It's the faces that cause it to not quick compile, commenting out their line inside the FOR loop lets it compile instantly without issue.

I'll take a look at those numbers and see if I can identify whats causing the lack of compile, which I'd love to have back!

When I run into the too many elements error, I usually get around it by using the render() method around sections of code. It basically makes part of the code do a pre-render F6 so that it doesn't have to rebuild it for the CSG preview every time you press F5. In the case of your tardis script, I put a render() in front of the color line in your face() module and now it compiles "quickly" and lets you view the preview when you press F5.

Also, thanks for a great openscad tardis!

Thanks for the suggestion of render(), I've updated the scad file and will definitely use this in the future!

There is only one zero missing before the .01:

translate([0,0,H - S/5 -1-.01]) cylinder(S/2.5,HD,Lr);

under // Hollowing Out

otherwise everything works just perfectly. :)

Can't wait for power to be restored to the Northeast to print it! :-P