Life Size Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir)

by ChaosCoreTech Feb 3, 2016
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Printing the hammer part right now. Handle came out excellent, though the connector pieces came out a little smaller than necessary. Just going to fill it in with some modeling clay to remove any give.

Can someone tell me how to print the handle directly in 2 colors?

Can you offer me a file with the possibility to have the 2 colors printed directly? Thx

Is it possible to put something into or did you glue it to keep closed?

To everyone having problems with the software, the files seem to work great using Cura.

Dude, great model. I created a glue on piece for the bottom to add the leather strap. You are free to add it to your files. Mine should be finished this weekend. I will post pics on your model. BTW thanks for the great instruction and build and paint tips.

Could you tem me if Is it possible to put something into or did you glue it to keep closed? Thank you

The halves aren’t exactly the same. The connector Hole is off-centered, wich leads to a slanted model

Super cool! I hope mine turns out somewhere close to as good as yours.

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The connector pin slot on the body_half_solid isn't symmetrical, it's dislocated by 1mm.

Would you be able to post a fully assembled stl file? or the editable files? I would like to print a small scale version (all as one piece) and have difficulty editing stl files. Also great job, the hammer looks amazing. My goal is to print and cast out of aluminum some small paper weight hammers since my crucible won't hold enough aluminum to make a full sized one.

hi! i love your desings. I have allready print the hammer and now ... we need your Axe Stormbreaker version! please do and share It.

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What software did you use to make this? I am using solid works to machine one and I am having troubles getting the Celtic scribe work on the sides to sketch.

I’m using a flash forge finder can anyone tell me why my printer is warping this much?

i had problems with warping too, but i found out the tape had crappy glue on it. use the blue 3m tape or use a gluestick under the tape too, to hold the tape down.

What settings did you use? I have the same machine, but the inscriptions on the side fall, and they don’t look good

Did you use supports?

Yes, but I just ended ut printing it upside down

corner too far from nozzle? if its PLA, drop the bed temp 5 or 10 degrees and slow the print down

Any advice on how to avoid edge warping on this? On a CR-10 S5, bed at 60C, PLA printing at 195 to 210, every print I try uses half a spool and then starts curling at one or more edges. It's bizarre because I've never experienced warping on this printer, even with larger parts than this.

increase brim size, drop temp of bed by 5 or 10 degrees and slow the print down

Has anyone tried laser cutting the design on the top part? like the design?

Awesome design. Used this for my Halloween costume :)

fucking love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome design!
Can you please, Please, upload a version where there is a hole through all parts to use something like a steel or aluminium rod as stabilizer instead of the small plastic parts?

See my modification on this design: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1981374

Life Size Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir) - Hollow handle for pipe

There is a design glitch in the body_half_solid.stl. On 3 sides the runes are not attached to the main body from the direction facing the center of the hammer (about 25% of the height of the runes). Only on the side having the hole for the handle the runes attach to the plate below them all the way. I made a modified version (printing now to see if it works) in which I also tuned in Tinkercad the round plate at the top to have 64 (32 for half plate) sides instead of the original where the side amount is noticeable smaller.

this is awesome and a dream to print .
having trouble with the handles though , can't get slicer to read as a solid, any advice?

Cura works great

Same problem here. Not sure what to do about it haha

Great video! great print! This is just is just amazing!!!

This was very inspiring that I signed up to the site just to give praise to the maker. Fantastic work and very nice tutorial. Now I want to start a journey into 3d printing. Cheers!

Thanks for such a cool design! FYI, the handle is a bit fragile if handled by kids. My suggestion is to have a 5-6mm hole through the handle, then insert and glue a wooden dowel stick.

See my modification on the design: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1981374

Life Size Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir) - Hollow handle for pipe

The handle-bottom and handle-top are non-manifold, causing large holes in the parts when loaded into Slic3r. The middle handle piece and the other parts of the model are okay.

I saw the same thing, had to use Cura to properly export the gcode.

Had to say this, one of the best How-To videos on Thingverse, please do more!!

Hi! Loving this one's handle, also going to try fitting leather into it, but wanted to ask, did you print with supports and clean, or did it print well enough without?

Could you possibly spit each halve into 4 parts. i am not aloud to have my printer running when i am not home or asleep (i have a room mate) and it would make it much more manageable to print?

Open the STL in slicer, click the CUT button.

Must to print body_half_solid.stl with support yes?

Still working on (and still loving) this model. But, I've hit a bit of a roadblock so maybe someone here can help.

I don't want to paint the brown sections. Rather, I want to cut leather pieces, stain them, and glue them in. However, I'm having a devil of a time getting a pattern to work. Is there any way to extrapolate or flatten the handle to be able to produce a flat pattern piece?

Maybe a bit late, but try importing the model to pepakura, to get the pattern.

Can you tape with masking tape then draw or exacto cut the in-between sections?

what are the dimensions of the full thing and can you upload a full size whole model?

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Loading this into Makerware doesnt work too well. There is a gap in each part of the handle for some reason. Just a heads up.

made a modification to the handle to hollow it out to accommodate a 21.5mm plumbing pipe insert for strength, also flipped the main body 180 as i found if yielded a much better print, picture to follow! also debating moulding the head to cold cast or even sand cast!

great item!

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just printed it off :) its only 43mm high so with the two halves it will stand 86mm high I will post all photos later today of befor clean up when its together and when its all painted I printed small to stand next to my model and I must say looking at you'ers and looking at the model one you have done a brill job so give your self a big pat on the back and keep making stuff :)

I'd say the best bet for anyone wanting it to be weighted would be just to print the hollow version and fill it with something weighty and cheap. Less so saving on Filament, and moreso saving an incredible amount of printing time.

Awesome model!

try sand in a sealed bag. but test the weight before doing it this way.
great work on this model, the painting is fantastic too.

That's very true. Thanks for the tips!