GR8 Pi model 2

by Tripnutz Feb 2, 2016
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To Sudoaptget

I am no way an electrical engineer so I don't doubt your concerns are valid. I do know they do have 5v 80mm fans. I currently have this running of a 12v x .1 amp fan from Vantec. While this fan doesn't produce enough force to make this hover :) I think it does a nice job keeping the air movement. If I have any issues with the board failing I will post here right away. It has been running for 3 weeks and I do have it powering on with my television set as it is attached to my LG's usb port. For anyone else that builds this, if anyone has any issues please speak up as I haven't had problems maybe others will. Thanks for the information!

While this looks cool, I'm concerned a great deal. A fan of this size is probably rated 12v with at least 250mA. You might be able to get away with this on the Pi's 5V pin for an "always-on" fan provided you are running off a power supply with over 1A. All bets are off and you could seriously damage your pi if you attempt to run straight from a GPIO pin with any PWM scripts or on/off functionality. The pins are rated at 16 mA & some traces will not hold for very long. A spot in the design for a small Proto board would be great. A couple resistors, NPN transistor, and +9v or +12v would allow the Pi to safely drive a fan of this size.

Calling this one complete. Last print went together well.

Thanks for the kind words! I have been thinking this would be a fun project and so far so good. So I ran a new layer one last night and everything looks good. I will admit though the arches for airflow still seem a bit to aggressive and I get the material starting to warp up on the edges which is causing a not smooth perimeter at those layers. So I am going to update the cutouts to something a bit more printer friendly. I started printing layer 2 when I left the house this morning so I should be able to provide feedback on how that turns out later.

If anyone comes across anything else I would really like to know about it so I can refine it over time.