#Drone Quadcopter

by plaszlonet Feb 2, 2016
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Beautiful Design... Great Job!

Really modeled a great model

Can you tell me which engine size and esc you have used?

Many Thanks

that is one wicked looking quad... two thumbs up!

The best design on thingiverse!!! Top!

thanks for this very nice project to make
printing no problems is it possible to post more information about electronics that you used ?
the video is not enough for me to find out what to use.


Hi, nice quad and very good job.
where do you buy the leds?

I was wondering what parts you used to power and control the drone?

Nevermind, just read the description on YouTube. Thank you for being so thorough with your directions!

Hi, really nice design .
i just wanted to know what filament did you use, what would you suggest.

Hi, thanx :) I'v just used plain old PLA for the first go, use carbon if you can

Hi, nice drone.
How long is the 16mm. aluminium tube?

hi, can you share cad files? i need bigger motor mount for Sunnysky V3508 580KV. If you can share i will be happy thanks.

could you send me the web address for it

the front looks upside down a little bit. But its a great design I like it.


I really like your work, thanx a lot for sharing but could you please make the canopy to fit printing bed to 200x200?

Is it possible?

Thanx a lot in advance.

It is printed on a printer 200x200 just put it in diagonal :)

if you mean the top part, try on diagonal my printer bed is the same size, put it at 40-50 degree :) hope it helped

Could you please make it right for me, may be saved file? PLEASE, I really like your drone, it's an awesome work, thanx a lot for that but I can't figure out how to do that :(

I'm a newbie for now :)

I did rotate but it still the middle is at high point and I cant imagine how its gonna print it lol and it says that "The object is not manifold, bla bla bla"

I'm trying to rotate but the frame is not fully touching the heating bed :(

u on skype ? add me placinet is the user

Could you please give a name of this drone (insides)? I wish to assemble it myself and neen to know the details.
Thanx in advance)) It's really a cool case)))

if u watch the youtube video it is listed bellow, :) dont forget like and subscribe :)

Printing mine out now. Definitely need support as many pieces has lots of curvatures. Printed a few without and its didn't turn out good. With support, very precise and nice.

Lots of large pieces which takes a bit of print time. Will be very careful with flights as I don't want to have to reprint these often. Will post images when complete. Currently in Black just like yours but will play with some other color combos as well later.

sorry for the long wait :( I'm on holiday at the moment :) yes you need support for all pieces, the two big ones on the flat side standing up, the bottom one upside down so the wider side on the bottom and support, the motor support i find it printing standing up whit the rod connecting side on the bed and support, the hud on the side and slow:) good luck, happy printing :)))

Almost done printing. Finishing up on the top right piece now.

I did experiment on the "front" and "back" piece printing in different orientation. Standing them straight up is a better choice. My "back" piece printed flat came out ok but not as nice as the "front"

Motor mount, I'm going to use another version on thingiverse I have already printed out which works well with carbon fiber tubing.
I have a Naza M Lite I'll be installing as well.

Thanks in advance.

How are you printing these? Which one requires print support and which orientation to print?

Looks to be a great quad. I've got lots of spare parts so this will be a fun build. Not sure which will weigh less, aluminum arms or carbon fiber rod?

Végre valami eredeti ötlet a témában.

Ez az első terv ami kihasználja a 3D nyomtató lehetőségeit, és nem csak szimplán a kínai karbon gépeket másolja.

Koszi :) viszont nem akarja a shell generalni .... ugy hogy most ki kell vesegetni :( bele fog telni egy kis idobe :(

just started it work in progress!!!