Bing-shen year of Formosan monkey

by amaochan, published

Bing-shen year of Formosan monkey by amaochan Feb 4, 2016

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Bing-shen year of Formosan macaques

In Chinese Zodiac, the year of the Monkey is in Feb. 8, 2016-Jan. 27, 2017. I designed Bing-shen year of Formosan macaques to celebrate the coming of a new year, and I hope to use this opportunity to draw attention for Formosan macaques in Taiwan.

Formosan macaques, Macaca cyclopis, have been inhabiting in Mountain Shou-shan in Taiwan for many years. In recent years, tourists or local residents involving in feeding macaques have been raising a controversial issue. The foraging behavior of these macaques have been changing, and the macaques have becoming dependent upon handouts increasingly. In addition, the intense monkey-human conflict have been occurred. Some of macaques snatched the food from tourists, and some even invaded into local houses. In response to these threat, the tourists or local residents around villages started to attack macaques. Some of macaques were found being poisoned and attacked by human as their body appeared with wounds. The conflict around villages were intense against the species and its protected status. Scientists reported that 200 of the species were missing. These were the worst environment for Formosan macaques habitation. Scientists started working on conservation measures to reduce the conflict, they tried to provide a less disturbed habitats for macaques. They suggested the best way to resolve the conflict is to stop feeding, disturbing and touching macaques, so that macaques can stop dependent on human and start back to their habitats.

As I designed Bing-shen year of Formosan macaques, I tried to left an imprint of time on their body. Thus, the foot of Bing-shen year of Formosan macaques are imprinted with Chinese words of Bing-shen.

Chinese sexagenary cycle is a means of recording days or years. Most of people believe that the year of the Monkey will be back in the period of 12 years. In fact, the same year of the Monkey will be back in a circulation of 60 years, that is, it takes 60 years to wait for the next the year of Bing-shen of the Monkey. I designed 24 of nodes on macaques’ body, and each of nodes are rotatable and adjustable, which permits the macaques to show variable dynamics and expressions. Each of rotatable nodes are representing each of 24 solar terms, climate changes of weather in a year, in Chinese Lunar calendar. As a full circulation of 24 solar terms completed, that means a new year is coming again. I looked forward this design of Bing-shen year of Formosan macaques would remind ourselves of precious time and hopes we can use the time in a meaningful way.


  1. If the one piece model of monkey tail is not easy to bend, we suggest to print the composed tail model.
  2. Don't printing all models are small then 86% of original model size, and set up 0.15mm layer resolution.

Design Software - SketchUp
my settings
support angle 30 deg
z resolution 0.2mm
scale 100%






http://fastlab.tw/ 這是台灣資訊策進會剛剛成立的3D分享網頁,因為才剛建立所以作品不多,希望各位3D玩家也能慢慢豐富這個地方。


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I love this design but cannot get parts to fit together for the life of me, using pla I have tried at .2 and .1 as well still with no success fitting them together.
printed both at %100
Any suggestions ? wondering if scaling up will help ?

Very nice! Do the pieces snap in place or did u glue it?

What is the smallest i will be able to scale the down? Thanks in advance..

Thanks a lot.. I have a Monoprice mini and its going still going to take me more than 2 prints even with it at 0.75 . Do you think it can go any smaller?

I separated the block version of the tail into multiple objects to allow reorienting them individually. I had the best luck printing these with the female side resting on it's side flat on the bed. And then putting a support on the other(male) side.

Without this modification, the print would get >50% complete and when it was printing the topside of the female ends, they would collapse and I'd end up with spaghetti. The pre-assembled tail never worked out for me; each time I printed it, it would fuse completely.

Hi Amaochan,
Fantastic monkey!


Built this in PLA. Too stiff to properly make the joints work. Got the arms,legs, head and feet to work pretty well eventually but gave up on the wrist movements. Will try an ABS build soon.

All in all a very clever design. Thank you very much :-)

First time Im having some trouble with your connections. everything is a little bit too snug...

Just finished making this model. It came out fantastic. The only problem is the forearm-elbow joint. I know it's gone through a number of revisions. I feel like the current m3 revision doesn't have enough curve in the forearm joint for it to hold. The forearm comes off anytime I try to move it. I wouldn't mind a bit of reduced movement for a better hold. Anyone have the m2 version? I'm guessing it had more of the curve I'm looking for.
Anyway, thanks for the model, it's great.

M2 has been uploaded

Great model that is completely functional! It was fun to print and put this together. Thanks a lot!

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This is a spectacular model and everything fits great except the elbows and hands really don't like to be moved at all. The modeling in the one piece tall and legs, torso, head, eyes is amazing and the shoulder brackets are incredibly well designed and clever its just the dang elbows and hands, The wrist rotates beautifully but again I've done a ton or printing and know what I'm doing and after multiple attempts I strongly believe the elbow joint mechanism as well as the wrist to hands needs to be re-designed and this will be a near perfect model.

Nice job ! It's realy cool !

absolutely wonderful model- fantastic work!

I'm currently on my third attempt at this print using Push Plastic ABS on a Lulzbot Mini and nothing seems to fit except the legs to the torso.

Edit: Switched over to Hatchbox PLA and dropped my flow rate, parts are looking way better now.

Is there a trick to the shoulder clips? I keep brekaing them and am unable to insert them into the shoulder peice smoothly.

Is my Makerbot 5th Gen Replicator just not up to the tolerances needed for this task??

Thanks for any advice! I'm still new to this.

ALso, my wrist joints are totally fused, and the segmaneted tail pieces will not clpi together easily.

Just finished printing and assembled, great job. Well Done.

I am printing on my makerbot replicator 2, and I can't snap the little clips off the raft. Any suggestions?

Also, none of the wrists I have made rotate.

Otherwise great work!

Comments deleted.

Modify the file elbow fracture problem. mq-right forearm-m2.stl & mq-left forearm-m2

Great work, but could you take a look at my question above? Having a heck of a time with the shoulder clips. THanks!

tried it again and still issues with it snapping together....

Update mq-left forearm-m3 and mq-right forearm-m3

Elbow joints keep snapping. Not sure what's going on..



Can anyone tell me how this person made the pieces interlocking? I feel like this would be a very helpful tool in the future

I think the elbow joints have a problem with clearances, when you move them they pull the joint apart breaking the clip :(

I have been trying to print this using my XYZ DaVinci printer, using ABS, and upon printing the forearms, I cannot get the wrist joints to print to where they're funtional. the very top, last part to print, comes out more as a little blob, even with supports which I'd hoped would help that piece form better. I'm guessing I can't rotate the arm before printing with another side down as the arms seem a little uneven on the sides? Anyone know a solution to this, that can be done in XYZ's printing software? I was printing at 0.2mm

I've hit this a number of times. It's ultimately a heat/cooling problem. Put a random post slightly taller than your print about an inch away from the peak that's printing poorly. Your extruder will need to move away from the actual print to make it and give the plastic that extra few seconds to cool down properly. It should solve your problem.

You are an amazing designer. Even your assembly video is a work of art. Well done!

low poly风格的中国传统文化!


I've been trying to print this, but when I try to snap the pieces together, one of the curved pieces that are supposed to snap around the cylindrical pieces break off. I even tried trimming the pieces to be sure they are properly rounded and didn't have any bumps.
I'm using Prusa I3 with .4mm nozzle. I tried .1mm and .2mm layers and 30% and 60% infill. I'm using Hatchbox brand ABS 1.75 filament. After I broke most of the pieces on my first print I've been testing with an upper arm and forearm to try to get that joint to work. But no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?
The wrist joint prints and works great, so I assume my extrusion multiplier is OK.

Having the same issue with the elbow joint, tried trimming but as soon as you rotate the joint it pulls in an odd way and snaps the clip, seems that the clearance isn't there to allow it to rotate central to the joint :( did you manage to work out a fix?

ABS try to change other brands

A functional work of art.

You say the idea in my mind.

Very expressive model and design!

perfect storm for remix - puppy monkey baby!

pug head;

articulated baby:

bear rattle:

3d Realistic Articulate Ball Jointed Miniature Baby Doll
by jazmy
Little Bear
by mooses

Thank you for your comments. I will go on in my mind.

Please no... That thing is creepy as hell!

On the contrary; please do! xD

Very cool, might make one of these for the little girl who lives next door.

Could you make Stand alone file for that stump BTW? Would make great gaming terrain.

If you download the zip file the stump is by itself in the file root.stl

I know, but some people who would otherwise want to print it might not know it is there.

why have I seen these creatures in my dreams?

Inspiring design! wish I had more time to do projects like this! I have Transformer idea's now that I will never get too.

That is the coolest thing I have EVER seen. Great work! Just love this... Wow.

Absolutely amazing work!

superb model. Spot on.

Excellent design. They look so alive. Thx for sharing.

Btw, in the details "Most of people believe that the year of the Monkey will be back in the period of 12 years. In fact, the same year of the Monkey will be back in a circulation of 60 years, that is, it takes 60 years to wait for the next the year of Bing-shen of the Monkey."

The Monkey Year does come back every 12 years, but it takes 60 years for the specific Bing-Shen Monkey Year (or just Bing-Shen Year) to re-appear.

very nice work. must have taken some time, great scale looks right! i also believe this is much nicer than previous features and therefore should be on the front page. make more animals! thank you!

The support of friends is my creative energy.

I agree, this should be a featured item - especially on Feb 8th. To celebrate the Chinese New Year and the bring awareness to the plight of the Formosan macaques, plus its really cool - and fits together without any elastic bands.
Gonna build this one!

This should be featured:)

It's time to print~~~~ lol