Sliders/Carriage for Delta Kossel 2020 Original Wheels and Openbuilds Part Store V Wheels

by sysimgrp Feb 5, 2016
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How are the grip on the v-slot wheels compared with the originals ? :)

the v-slot wheels are softer than the nylon wheels so the grip is probably better, but grip isn't really an issue in the performance. The goal is stability and smooth vertical motion.

Hi, what is the spacing between the rods?

If you are asking about the distance between the wheel axles, it is different for each of the 3 versions.
The horizontal distance between axle centers for the original nylon wheels is 37 mm.
The horizontal distance between axle centers for the Openbuilds V wheels is 41.2 mm.
The horizontal distance between axle centers for the Openbuilds Mini-V wheel is 29.8 mm.

Hey. Can I take part of your model for simulation mounts on your printer? If everything will turn out, and I will place somewhere in your model, I will refer to you. Thank you. PS. The model will not be used for commercial purposes.

Hello, does this design add "wobbles" on the carriages? I am using a custom ptfe slider carriages but the gap between the carriages and the extrusion made the carriage wobble resulting on an almost unusable printer.

It seems to me this is simply a matter of the diameter of the wheels and the size of the extrusion. If you use the V wheels from the Openbuilds Parts store and your extrusion is 20 x 20 then there will be no wobble in this design. I have also included a version for the mini V wheels but I have not personally tested it. It is based on the published OD of the mini V wheels.

Thanks for the reply :)

V-Wheels are a bit pricey, but if it works and if tit makes my printer usable ill buy a set. Im currently using a POM slider (http://www.motedis.com/shop/Dynamics-Basics/Profile-Slider/Slider-B-Type-Slot-6-B::563.html) and a carriage designed for those, but the gap is so big that you can see the sliders wobbling and dancing, also making the calibration process a shot in the dark.

since I still have some filament left I will try first some ary interesting ptfe slider i found using bowden tubing. If all fails ill order some wheels and use your design.

okay, now I understand your problem. there is too much slop between the slider and the extrusion. I think using wheels should solve your problem.

I have added a slider that uses the cheap nylon wheels that came with my kit. If you decide to try them, use the 8mm spacer.

Ive print some pla sliders that go directly Over The extrusions and they work perfectly for me. They have 0 play in them and allowed me to increase a speed a lot without any problems!

I don't know about the double V wheels. I did make a version for the mini V wheels but I can't say for sure that it works. The Nylon wheels look a lot like the ones that came with my kit and that I replaced because they are really cheap. these would not work with the current files that I have posted, although they could be modified to work by changing the hole spacing and the depth of the spacers. As noted in a previous comment, you can get the wheels from Makeralot for $1.80 each.

I've printed and tested the mini-V wheels, the spacings worked out perfectly. I'll post a make so you have some pictures.

For those of you who dont want to pay 5 bucks for a wheel, Makeralot has them for 1.80 each. Just takes a while to get them from China.

Can you please export it as STEP?

very nice just the ticket for a sintron mini kossel with openbeam and mini v wheels thanks these work incredible well now i have them fitted i use the ones with spaces which make it so simple, thanks for these a great solution and cheaper than rails

I have added files that might work with the mini v wheels. the original files are for the solid v wheels.

do you think its possible to make a mini v wheel version of this?

I have added files that should work with the mini v wheels. if you try them, please let me know if they worked or not

that is super nice of you, thanks so much! Going to print these out in a few and give them a go, will update you in a few

thanks again

I don't have the mini v wheels to test with. I see the OD measurements of the two wheels on the openbuildpartstore web site. I can reduce the axle spacing based on this and assume that the wheels have a similar profile and will ride at the same depth in the slot. I am not sure if this is a valid assumption however as the mini v wheel is narrower than the solid v wheels that I have.

Very elegant solution!