Martian rover

by Larkin_Michael Feb 5, 2016
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Idea: How about a GoPro mount on Part 17?

improve as you wish, everything is in your hands. I'm temporarily busy with other projects.

question, do some of these parts need to be printed multipal times? if so, what is the quantity needed for each part?

I need to buy the tires, but the tire site is in Russian. Is there an English site?

I used banggood.com

Hello. I recently just purchased the model in redpah.com but there is no download link received. Is this some kind of scam from redpah.com?

Just write to them in support and they will fix it. If you have any difficulties then write me a personal letter, I will send you the files by mail

Still no response from the redpah.com. Perhaps could please send the files by e-mail? Thank You very much.

My E-mail: [email protected]

hi, I bought this design but i need two photo. Could you please send me two photo that assembled this design for my final project.

my email: [email protected]

i mean assembled on the computer

I am sorry but I did not understand the question

I am sorry but I did not understand the question

Hi dear;
I want to buy your design but PayPal is not working in my country Turkey. Can you please send your email adress. So we can contact and I can pay with another way. I'm waiting unpatiently.

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Who can share the 3 video files mentioned on the details page and redpah.com's page by hyperlinks, Can not access Youtube.com in my country!!! Thanks...

I have paid $9.99 on redpah.com, but can not find full version download link. Is there someone help me and give me instructions how to download it? thanks a lot.

write in support of redpah.com

And I found the green "download" button appeared in the line of STL file when the model is free. The STL files I bought without any button except labels! So wild...Is that bug? Increditable...What happened...Help...

Thank you for your reply. But, I have been looking for "support" link over one hour, nothing found, even in the menu. Only "Privacy Policy", "Redpah ℠" and "Terms of Service" 3 links i seen. What should I do. I hope to make a screen-shot posted. Is there anyway to download full version? Is there different page shown in US and China? I really confused and hardly stand it. By the way, why i can't found my payment history info on Redpah.com after Paypal and my bank told me i have paid successfully? Redpah.com is so strange...

Whether can send the Full Version of Martian Rover by email to [email protected]?

Thanks very much...

I can not help you understand the problem of payment, I'm just a rover developer. write a letter to the support service. if you cannot solve the problem within a few days, send me a personal message on this site. I will send you files by mail. don't worry, I won't leave you alone

Redpah.com sent me the download links yesterday. And i get STL files successfully. Thanks buddy.

Thanks buddy. I have send email to the servic[email protected] A message sent back says they are on vacation until 22nd, December. Back to work maybe at 24th, Decement. I will connect them to solve the problem. And I really paid for your great design. Could you tell me your email and I send you the receipt of my payment...

Thanks again...Very much...

Hi there,
Love the rover...
do you sell this assembled? Im very interested. Keep me posted.
Great work.

Hello, some of the parts that you listed from Hobby King are no longer available (at least in the US). Can you point me to an alternative for the Basher Nitro Circus MT - Ball End please?

unavailable spare parts can be found on ebay or aliexpress

where can i get that stl file ? its not included in the files please send it

not sure if u r still reading thease but what receiver did you use for rover

Hello! Whats the full size of this robot? Thanks!

Hi. What kind of ESC and battery shoul i use for moving six 12V motors with gear plz ?

Hi. What kind of ESC and battery shoul i use for moving six 12V motors with gear plz ?

There seems to be a metal bar or connector that connects the 2 ball end pieces together at the top part of the rover. It seems I do not have these. Could anyone tell me what they are / where to get these?


Hi, it's simple, I made it from the screw, cut off the top part. Sorry that I answer for a long time

Awesome thank you, I found some threaded rod that did the trick. Build is coming along nice, just need to get the electronics figured out!

I wish you success, you will succeed!

I'm glad to hear, thanks

Outstanding design! This will be a great project for our older students!
Thanks for posting the bill of materials; however, we have a couple of questions about quantities of certain components. It's hard to tell from the pictures just how many 12mm Hex Connectors, 8mm Hex Ball Ends and Basher Nitro Circus MT Ball Ends are required. Could you please confirm the quantities of each?
Also can you confirm whether there are (2) each of the 50mm, 95mm, and 105mm carbon tubes; or if it's (2) 50mm, (1) 95mm, and (1) 105mm tube?

Forgive me that I do not answer all your questions, start assembling from the chassis and wheels, after assembling the case, and you will have an understanding of the parts necessary for construction.

it's already difficult for me to answer some of your questions, I gave it to the all-terrain vehicle and I do not have it at hand. Please carefully look at the pictures or video, I think everything is clear on the required number of parts

Hey man. I bough your design but i would like to get the mount for the camara. Can you upload the files. Or how can i get them.

the camera mount turned out to be unreliable, it broke, unfortunately I can not do it. I gave the rover, I do not have it at hand, sorry friend

First thank you for this awesome build !!!! My son is building the rover for his science fair project this year. We were wondering if you would be willing to share some info on mounting a Gopro to the rover ?

Thank you in advance.
The Miller

the camera mount turned out to be unreliable, it broke, unfortunately I can not do it. I gave the rover, I do not have it at hand, sorry friend

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First of all, congratulations and thank you for your work.
I bought the missing files and printed the Rover.
My question is: how are the carbon tubes fixed on the fixing points of the motors and the suspension? I guess they are stuck but if so with what glue?
Thanks in advance.

I used a plastic solvent


I do not upgrade Turnigy 9x firmware and am curious about mix method.Do you know the exact domain of the forum?

Here in the page of thingiverse are not all the pieces, I have started to make the robot for a project, but I am missing some pieces, I would appreciate it if you updated the page of thingiverse.

All pieces are available for paid version

Hi, i like your design! Can you tell me what is the size of wheels you used? Unfortunatelly many links to hobbyking is dead now so we do not know what parts to order:/

hello, I apologize for the long response, I updated the links on the main page. Unfortunately I found only black wheels.

I'm currently doing this robot, but I'm missing pieces. You can tell me where I can get them from.

did you get this piece,?????

Do you miss only this part?

Hello my name is Thiago I am Brazilian and I found your rover interesting, I would like to mount it because my English is very weak I will have some difficulties, I have a file that I downloaded only have 9 files and the little I researched are 19 could you help me?

please read the description in full, thanks

Hi !

Thank's for this great design !

I want to know waht are the specs for 3D printer ? PLA ? ABS ? Infill ? number of shells ? raft ?

thx :)

I used a pla, a layer of 0.2, a filling of 30-50%

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Bought you a beer. Enjoy and thank you. :)

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I am unable to source any of the suggested motors. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks.

Thank you. I have seen this from a different seller. Do you happen to know the gear ratio?

Not sure, I guess the motor is around 5000-7000 rpm. I bought these they have right physical size and work fine.

They are 5000. Thanks again. Take care.

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cut 2x50 mm, 95 mm, 105 mm and do not worry))

First time i'm really impressed, hats off you!

Hello, we are making this for a school club and we are wondering if there are any instructions to make this rover?

Good day, the rover is very simple to assemble. It is enough to look at the pictures and you will understand how to collect it. Unfortunately, I do not have the assembly instructions, I'm busy with other projects. I'm sorry.


When I designed the all-terrain vehicle, I did not expect that it would cause such interest among the public. And I had no thoughts to do step-by-step instructions.

Do you think it would be possible to substitute brushless motors?

I think that it is possible, but difficult. It is necessary to select engines with the same shaft diameter. And it will be very expensive. For each brushless motor you need your own, individual speed controller.

Hi, I'm printing it, what metal poles do you use to connect the legs to the body?

I'm very sorry, but I can not answer your question. I'm currently engaged in a different project, and I sold the rover to cover expenses. I thought I pointed the screws in the description, if not, I'll once again forgive my forgetfulness, and for not being able to tell you the exact dimensions.

I believe it uses M10 threaded rods. Take a look at this "remix" it has spreadsheet of all hardware fasteners: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1838149

Parts list and simple wiring diagram for Martian rover build


I'm curious, does it work without shock absorbers? It might climb obstacles faster, have you tried it without them?
И если нужна помощь с переводом обращайся, я в совершенстве владею Английским :)

I downloaded the files :)
Unfortunately I really struggled to find the motors advocated.
Which engines can be replaced?

thank you very much

anyone tried to use bigger wheel eg: those 1/10 crawler wheel? it much softer than normal MT wheel, also the Hobbyking motor are rate 6v? will it be fine to be used with 12v?

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How tall is this when completed..?

Hi, Approximately 300mm

Hi.I want to buy your product from redpah. But there is only one way to pay which is paypal.ım in turkey and in turkey there is no paypal.how can ı get your product without paypal . Thanks in advance

Please see you inbox message...

Hello, Congratulations for this rover. Do you have a tutorial for editing? Even if the pictures are useful;) The engines are still depleted at HK. You have another reference to propose me. Thank you and again congratulations! Thank you for your reply and again bravo

You can order an engine for aliexpress or ebay. Mainly see the dimensions in the specification

Hello repbaza,
There are some parts listed which I have to buy but I don't know how many parts I have to order from each part.
Is there a list available?

if i missed something, tell me. Thank you

Esc - 2pcs.
Ball end -1pcs
Hexagon Ball End-1pcs
Shock Absorber-2pcs
Shock Absorber2-2pcs
12MM Hex connector:-6pcs
Tube carbone 20mm- 1000mm (about. not exactly sure)

I bought the Turnigy 9x. Which Channel's do the two ESC's connect to? Not that familiar with RC controllers. Any help would be great!

Great model, well worth the $3.99, my son love it! Thanks

Update: Got one side working with Ch. 3 and the right throttle stick.

Can't seem to get the left side to move with any of the other Channels. I want the left stick to control the left side motors.

my rover is controlled by a single joystick. you need to use mixes. you need to ask for help on the forum model aircraft.

Thanks. I actually just figured it out. Goes great.

I would be difficult to explain to you how to set up the remote control, because of the language barrier. 1 channel thr. Channel 2 - ail

Helo repbaza,

You did a great job!!!, I all ready buy de files and I'm printing, but I'm sorry, I'm new in RC building and I have a question, should I use 2 batteries one for each ESC? and I buy all equipment you suggest but I dont know if it's ok if I use a baterie Lipo 5000mah 7.4v?

Best regards

you need only one battery. esc two inputs are connected in parallel. your battery is suitable for the rover. on it he will drive more than an hour. bolder, you can do it))

Are there any bearings or thrust washers in the assembly? Specifically, between the printed suspension parts?

No, it is designed without the use of bearings. in the suspension are no heavy loads.

Falta la pieza del extensor o conector a al carro.

will this be big enough for the Raspberry Pi 3? Sorry if you wrote this in the description, im a bit stupid lol :)

yes of course, there is enough space for it

Comments deleted.

I wrote about this in the description. why no one reads the description ?!

Comments deleted.

If I offended you, I apologize

What are the maximum dimensions of the rover once built? It looks like it has a foot print around the same size of an A3 piece of paper, which is pretty substantial.
Also, in the water testing video, what did you do to waterproof the motors? I was impressed before, and the water testing was just amazing!

In the motor a few holes. I stuck them with sealant.

the rest I can not translate. I do not understand the question...

sorry for the long answer

just about 450мм х 390мм х 240мм

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Hi great job !!
I am ordered the printfiles I will build this rover. Now my questions, What is the best Motor for this? 294 rpm or 133 rpm?
What kind of Motor you are using th the Videos?

Thank you, good to hear

I use 294rpm motor on video. they do well. But it still lacks a little power. More moschny motors are ideal for obstacles, but the speed is reduced by half. here it is necessary to proceed from your tasks

What is the power consumption in this setup?
What battery do you use and how long it usually lasts?

Energy consumption is low. I use battery 1,6A 2s. The average operating time of 25 minutes, maybe even more.

In your opinion, is possible to use a Car Transmitter (the gun with the wheel :-) ) to steer the rover with the wheel?
I ask this becouse I already have one of this... but I am totally newby in RC

Thank you for this beautiful project!
I am going to buy it ;-)

Yes, of course you can. It will be a little uncomfortable, but it is possible. On the right wheel to put three motors. On the trigger (the accelerator) left three motors

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Comments deleted.

How do you setup the radio? one stick up/down for left wheel and right stick up/down for right wheel?

I trimmed all the right joystick

I trimmed all the right stick

Awesome model. Got the full version and am building one now. Do you have any details on your fpv system or that gopro gimbal that is in your water testing video? Keep up the great work!

I added files gimbal ring

Gimbal to go about check failed, broke the fall in the end of the video ...

Really nice model! Already bought the full set!

Can you (or somebody who printed this) write something about print details:

  • material
  • settings (fill, support)

And how did you protect the motors from water?

ABS plastic, filling 30% (the more the better, but longer)
Motor protection so: all holes filled with hot glue.

Rocker bogie suspension!

Since I first laid eyes on the schematics for the Curiosity rover, I fell in love with the suspension. I've had an itch to play with the suspension in real life- tried doing it with Legos and ran out of parts! That itch is years old now, and I have to say it may have worn off.

Never thought that someone else had similar interests in the suspension though!

Hello I have a question about the ESC for the motor do I need to buy two (one for each side) or one can control all the 6 motors?
And there are any other components that I need to buy multiply times?
EDIT: About the batteries I need to buy a 6v battery, or will be included in some of the components?

I used 2 ESCs, each drive 3 motors. Battery is extra, 3S Lipo works fine. You'll need set of RC transmitter and receiver.

How long does the battery last?

Comments deleted.

Only these files exist in the current version:

Last updated: 02-06-16
2596 226kb

Last updated: 02-05-16
2683 213kb

Last updated: 02-05-16
2649 310kb

Last updated: 02-05-16
2643 250kb

Last updated: 02-06-16
2561 124kb

Last updated: 02-06-16
2550 140kb

Last updated: 02-06-16
2556 257kb

Last updated: 02-06-16
2564 200kb

The full set of files is on redpah.com at the link repbaza posted. You need to pay $3.99 for the full set of files. Been discussed numerous times in these comments.

I paid $9.99 for full version on redpah.com, unfortunately i fail to find download link...i am confused and could you instruct me downloading details? thanks.

Please read the description carefully

Hi Repbaza

I printed all the parts, great design! One question: how is the piece #5 connected to #2-1 and #2-2? Thanks!

they need to be glued together, and then pull screws

OK, very excited about building this model, just blown away by how well-designed it is!

Of course virtually all of the parts listed are not available from HobbyKing, I've been trying to source parts from other retailers, or alternative parts from HobbyKing. Most of these I can probably source from my local RC car shop, I just need to know sizes etc. A few quick questions:-

  1. The longer shock absorbers (listed as A2030) - how long are they? I'd like to match them to the 68mm ones HK has.
  2. How many of the hex ball ends do I need? They seem to be very difficult to source.
  3. And what diameter ball are those ball ends? ie does the 8mm refer to the hex size, or the ball size?


A2030 - 100mm
ball - D8mm, 4 pieces needed

ask, answer any questions))

The file count in the "thing files" is much less than 19. Did some files go missing?

Hello there. I just bought this but unfortunately, my 3d printer can only print 140mm x 140mm x 140mm. I am a newbie in 3d printing. Can you suggest how to adjust the dimensions?. Please reply. thank you

hello, send me a private message, tell me the name of the parts is greater than the size of your printed table. I gather it in two parts for you. you'll just have to glue it. and your e-mail do not forget.

Hi There ! I just begin to print the design. Nice piece of work.
Share more projets if you have will happy to support you, Thanks.

I just purchased the full design. Thank you very much for sharing this. Excellent work

Still trying to get my build completed. Very annoying, I swapped the wheels for another set because those were always backordered and I've ended up with only 4! I've reordered my extra 2 twice and they keep cancelling my orders! Someday...

I'm a little confused on how to assemble the rover; specifically part 5 and how it attaches to the main body. There are an extra 3 holes in the bottom half, do these attach to something to keep it from rotating forward?

Also, is the M10 bolt through the middle one long bolt that goes from side to side all the way through the middle of the body?

It may be one, but may be two. whichever you prefer. I have two bolts

two ways:
1) to stick to the glue
2) Drill the holes and fasten with screws

Does part 5 attach to the main body? Or the elbow part?

Amazing work and so inspiring.
You make me want to try harder!

не является добровольным и, следовательно, иметь остальные файлы должны платить

cubrar money for a file and a shame

Колхоз дело добровольное!

Вставай, страна огромная, вставай на смертный боЙ!

where is the rest of the pieces to print?

read the description

Before I cut my carbon fiber tubes, your measurements listed are: 50, 95 and 105. However based on your labeled picture and the 20mm the tube can insert in each side, I get 71, 117, and 130mm. Is the picture accurate? Or the description?

do like the picture. excluding cavity dimensions in plastic parts.

anyone have the build log link for this rover?

I'm working on one now. Still a very slow work in progress cos I'm limited in time, but I will eventually post one on RCGroups. Working it all out myself, been doing RC aircraft for years but this is my first land vehicle, so lots for me to learn re different parts and mechanisms.

Could you by chance tell me what the size is of the shock absorbers from eye to eye? With HobbyKing being backordered for a long time, I'd like to source some replacements elsewhere. Thanks, looking forward to building it, hoping to add a ardupilot for rover mode GPS navigation etc...

length 105mm or more is needed (large). Cool idea to make it into ardupilot

very good project. thanks for sharing :)

I am planning to print the Martian Rover i bought the files form that website. I think printing takes almost a week ;)

But not all folk have knowledge about the RC technology you have used and how to wire it up. Also what are the tubes you have used to connect the white parts. If you want to share this knowledge most appreciated and i hope you will show us the addons you where planning.

druzheskim privetom

tube glued into plastic parts. I glued them to the plastic acetone.
the rest I could not translate.

bez problem, ahum ... ob yasnit eto v Rossii ;)

I will write to all ..

Three on the left side of the motor are connected in parallel to a single speed controller. the right side is also parallel to the second speed control. Further speed controllers are connected to the receiver from the model aircraft equipment. the first and second channel. Control equipment of RC Planes. I use this: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__8992__Turnigy_9X_9Ch_Transmitter_w_Module_8ch_Receiver_Mode_2_v2_Firmware_.хтмл
(but it can be less expensive and does not matter.)

how to configure the console's hard to explain in a few words. each country has its own forum on aircraft modeling. There, people can easily prompt to configure the remote. Simply place a link to the video, and they understand everything.

Now the international forum: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/index.php

It's very cool, thanks! I'm already at the print and build :)

Is it normal that you run your vehicle in reverse way, compared to the real rover ? Pivot wheels are suppose to be on rear side..

I did not copy it. I took as a basis for some features.

I know but, does it affect performances ?

Yes, it does. weight goes more to the rear wheels. This makes it worse grip traction. but it is very easy to fix. it is necessary to make the front wheels heavier. you need to add weights. but this is the case if there is a desire to make a super-terrain vehicle.

This is what I tought..
Yes, I want to make a super rc rock crawler, Maybe I just need to run it backward :)
I'll see. I ordered some parts to build it.

We have to do the heavy front wheels. this will be enough.

it is necessary to remove the tire from the disk. copper wire is wound on the disk. and put the tire back

Comments deleted.
Comments deleted.

Any other source for motors Hobby king does not have all six
of either motor

Search for 294rpm on ebay. They are less expensive than hobbyking

Thanks I just ordered all 6 at 9 buck each all 3D printing is almost done

motor supply Hobby king is out

look at other stores. at precisely is Aliexpress

Very, very cool. Great job at the details

I can't wait to see an arm and a camera, like the other one you made before !
By the way, is your old rover with arm is available for download (I saw it on hobbyking)?
The new one seem so be way better..

Thanks, now I do suspension of the camera. later proceed to hand.

Cool !
Will it be a 'Plugin', or we'll need to reprint the main body ?

Comments deleted.

Hi Repbaza, congratulations on your great rover.
I'm creating one with its own design, but I have a couple of questions.

Buy yourself ESC and engine but when I go back and forth this is stopped, any idea what it could be?

As you control the engines? I'm testing the CC3D but not if it's the best?


I use normal rc hardware (aircraft). no brains

But how?
If I put the 6 engines that accelerate and reverse (in trhotle), how to turn.

Haa.. OK.. with MIX.... Ch 1 & 2...


Hey, great job. great shame that we are not able to get to redpah.com and paying to have the full version of 3D printing. Can I ask you to send those carried here published on email? Thank a lot.

Muy buen trabajo, copio tu sistema de amortiguador para mis proyectos, desde España felicidades

Muy buen trabajo, copio tu sistema de amortiguador para mis proyectos, desde España felicidades

I think there is some missing parts in the STL section

you read the instructions?

Oh, we have to pay for it... So the parts here are useless. Thanks. I'll see..

not necessary, I can send you in the mail. but if you buy me a beer would be great))

I'd like more to give you a donnation than pay on this website (redpah). But no way we put our email here...

Write a private message

How is the turning? Turn radius? Do you get a lot of friction when turning?

He turns on the spot, can smoothly rotate while driving

Awesome work!
I planned to build something similar and now I have a really good inspiration :-) Thanks!

Could you please test your bot outside? At different locations, forrest, sand, ... after the snow is gone? ;-) Videos would be very interesting

Yes, of course I do. After a month or two spring comes. And I'll try to write an interesting video.

pretty damn cool!
But a few questions.
Are you running 3 motors (in parallel) on a single ESC?
Just using the RX to control the ESCs?

yes, 3 motor in parallel to one ESC. I used RC radio control.

this is looking awesome! Keep updating it!

This is a really nice design, and I think will be my next project!! Can you take some pictures of the inside so I can see the electronics space?

I added a picture gallery

Thanks, do you plan to share the source design files, would be great to collaborate on design.

i used program cubifi ivent, files for it.
in the future I'll post them if you would be interested

Yes that would be great, and I think I try to start printing this week.

Comments deleted.