Working Ocarina

by RenatoT Feb 5, 2016
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do you have a map with the notes for this ocarina?

For the mouth piece did you have to have support at the angle you printed it in the photo?

works awesome thank you very much

Mine only makes a sound when I leave open the biggest whole, how can I fix this? (Yes I printed it with supports only on the outside)

Same problem with mine.

what degree did you made the model to in s3d?

I printed mine with the point straight up. External supports came off easily.

I'm sorry, i don't remember... seem 20 degree.. + or -

This is the right way to print it :)

I printed mine with the pointed end straight up. Supports easily came off. Plays with no problems.

Could someone link or describe a fitting fingering chart? I tried some usual 4/5 hole charts but they clearly doesn't fit to this kind of ocarina. Example: All holes closed is a c. That and up to f seems to fit to the charts I found. But everything higher is wrong, for example all holes open is a h where the charts state a d'..

an h? music only goes to g and then starts over?

The time I wrote that I wasn't aware that "h" is only known in Germany and Austria. What we call a "h" is a "g" elsewhere.
In fact, g is much more logical than a h at all!

Does anybody know how to add bed supports to this and not internal supports from the MakerBot Print application?
(How do I add them in general?)

I don't have the makerbot slicer.. but i think that you can prepare the supports with MeshMixer and load the result stl on the makerbot (without supports)

Thanks for this one! Mine was not working great after printing it in ABS, but after I put it in acetone vapour for a shiny look, it started to sound nicely. I'm not a musician, but I like the sound from this cheap and easy to build ocarina.

Please, show the picture of print :)

See my printed model still on the print bed.

Hey, could you please publish a version ready to print with supports? Thanks.

i'm sorry for the delay. What slicer are you using?

mine not working.. it make some sound with 0 and 1 hole opened..but nothing more

have you printed it without internal supports? The only support need, on my print, is the one out of the ocarina.

yes.. only external support.. some light stringing but I remove it.... now I made some nozzle corrections and it working better

Any details on the corrections you made? Mine also only makes notes with 0 and 1 holes open

Hi, you need to place supports only from the bed. You need to prevent internal supports.
There are the settings in the slicer that you use.

i hope this help

Correct, there are only supports from the bed itself. There are no supports inside. Do I need to file any bumps or loose threads from inside the mouth piece? Or maybe file the hole that makes the whistle noise?

awww man... I wish I had simplify3d.... just not on my budget... looks quite amazing

edit... oh... guess what I got! now What angle did you print it at? when I place it on simplify 3d it shows up tips up...

Prints every easily, and works Right off the printer! So much so ill be printing a few for then next door kids.

I'm glad for that :)
Please post your print!