Laptop LCD Panel Skeleton Frame

by sketchpunk Feb 5, 2016
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I love how my screen literally looks the same as yours. Velcro and tape holding everything together on the back

nice, any make pictures?

I haven't made your build, but I'm pretty sure we went to the same place for the driver module for the LCD.

I'm curious what you used yours for. Just a nice little TV with HDMI?

I'm trying to set up a RPi to do old games on mine.

i have a chromecast hooked up in the back, so i can stream online videos like youtube and netflix. I also use it as spare monitor when i need to fix my RPi when i cant ssh into it. wished i had a few more panels, i would love to make an 8 inch size for fun.

How are you powering the chromecast and the monitor from the same source? I'm interested in doing that, and it appears that you have found a solution. Power supplies isn't my strong suit.

I wrote this big whole explanation then thought this would be easier if I can show you and talk. So i push everything to the side off my work bench, threw everything I need to explain and went to work with my phone. Its a spur of the moment and I really stink at talking but I hope this helps. Enjoy.

You have been incredibly helpful! Left you a like and a sub on Youtube!

Hi!, great job!, how do you hold to the wall?

its on a peg board. Probably hard to tell but there is two rods shooting out from it that it sits on and leaning against the wall. Bottom left of the monitor, you should see something blueish.

Cool! It has a steam punk vibe but without the brass. I think you have moved into Neuvo-steam-punk. What controller board did you plug in the chromecast or was that from the laptop?

hatchbox does make a bronze color filament, might consider getting some for use on some of these things. lately i've given up on making full frames all out of plastic, instead make parts that allow me to use screws, bolts, rods, etc to create modular skeletons for things. not professional looking but does help speed up prototyping. (my printer is slow).

controller board is new, not from the laptop. usually you cant reuse laptop boards because they dont work alone. buying a new board allows the panel to become a simple stand alone monitor/tv.

there are sellers on ebay that have controller boards with several different options, like for myself i wanted hdmi, sound and support for 1080p. once i found the board i wanted, i msg them the model of the panel i have. they'll tell you if they have firmware available to load up on the board and if they have the right inverter board to go along with it. if they say they can support it, you just buy the board with a note to seller withe the model number so they know that firmware to load and inverter to include.

after that its just two wires to the panel, power to the board and your in business.