SD Card Holder

by n2b8 Feb 7, 2016
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cool !!!!, thank!!!

Printed this in PETG. Didn't have to use the loose version. Tolerances are perfect.

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Printed one for with the version 2 lid, adding a name with OpenSCAD. Perfect! Thank you. I was wandering out of curiosity what thread you used?

Hi, just finished printing it and I can't screw the lid on. the size and thread pattern is totally different. Any suggestions?

Great job! I printed it with no mods at all. The threads were a bit rough at first but running the lid back and forth a few times polished them off and it now fits like a glove. The cards are a bit loose in the slots, but that is fine, the lid keeps everything in place. I am very happy with this design.

Great design. I had to increase the top from 45MM to 46.2MM and the lid fit perfectly.

I have 3 lids that don't work quite right, but now I can just decrease the base size a little (but it wont hold the SD cards... or I could just use them on something else, so I appreciate your build! Keep it up

Holds my SD cards perfectly! The design makes it very portable as well.

Are you able to post a file that is editable? I really like your design but want to add some text to the cover.

I made this last week on an xyz printer and it turned out great. It took roughly two hours to do but was perfect. I did use the version 2 of the cap, and the fit is great. The card slots are a bit wide so the cards are loose in the slots but the cap keeps everything in place.

Any chance you could modify the bottom to hold 3ds cartriges? (Dimensions of a 3ds cartridge are 33mm wide by 35mm high, 4mm thick)

Would love this as well.

My modeling/remixing skills are still subpar, but maybe down the road I'll attempt to remix if no one else does.

can you make a version with beveled top and bottom like this one


I can use the lid from that on your bottom but obvious not the bottom since I need full size card slots :-)

Micro SD Card Holder Remix

I printed in PLA; the top is too tight. I increased the size of the top by 1% and reprinted it and it fits fine. The 1% difference in size is barely visible but tactilely quite noticable.

top is not too tight you just have "gunk" up top from the printing process.

I turned it on as much as I could unscrewed screwed unscrewed screwed. took a needle file and cleaned out the strings a tiny bit and continued to screw and unscrew tighter each time tapping out the debris each time after about 10 minutes its "butter" slides on and off like its well lubricated. Very nice.

I'd rather just print it 1% larger lol... Waaaaaay less work eh....

Good to know. I will make an update. Thanks!