Qi Wireless Charger Cradle Stand Samsung Galaxy S6 S7 S8

by SerafinG Feb 7, 2016
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what is the diameter and height of the qi ?

diameter - 69.5mm
height - 9mm

Made this. I didn't realize my wireless charger was bigger then this one will hold. Plus my phone slips off the bottom. Needs to add a lip.

Can you make a Version with this changes that you can see in the Pictures.
If I type in the upper screen area, then the foot tilts back, so I think a small extension of the foot would be great.

Since the stand slides easily on the table, the rear foot might be wider. So you could use anti-slip pads here.


Qi Wireless Charger Cradle Stand Samsung Galaxy S6 S7 S8 - v2

Good ideas. I don't have the time to make these mods right now, but will consider for a future revision.

Thx. I hope you will find some time in the future :-)

Just an update. I have a design in hand, but have been experiencing issues with my printer; so I have not been able to print a prototype yet to prove the effectiveness of the modifications. Stay tuned.

Excellent! Prints easily with standard Cura settings (low and normal quality with no supports needed), and easily fits the generic wireless charging pucks I had. I liked it so much, I printed two -- one for my bedside, and one for my desk.

Thank you!

I printed and my charger from amazon fits perfect, however the microusb cable on the bottom is too close to the bottom. When the phone is not in the cradle it just lifts up and charger falls out. Is there a specific cable type this was made for?

I don't have a specific cable model in mind, but you will want to find a cable with a short connector body.

Would you consider uploading a CAD file? Maybe a step? My charger is a different size, looks like.

Sorry for the delay. I just uploaded the original SketchUp CAD file. I hope this format works for you.

I can provide the SketchUp file. Not sure how quickly I can get around to doing this though... been busy.

A very nice, clean design that prints flawlessly without supports. Pretty much any cheap Qi charger coil fits in it (bangood.com) and I found the 45 degree angle to be very convenient. Galaxy S7 and S5 phones work very well.

Amazing design, thank you! Works perfectly with Galaxy S7 Edge.

tried with my S7 :) works like a charm :)

So this printed very nicely without supports. I printed at 200 C 10 infill. The stand did not fit the new Galaxy S7 wireless charger though. The shape of the charger is different and the charger is larger than the stands holding slot.

The stand is not designed to fit a Samsung charger. It should work with the generic charging pad in the description (it is available under various brand labels, but probably not Samsung :) ).

As described, the generic charging pad along with the stand works with the Galaxy S6 and might work with the S7.

Did you print with supports?

No. It printed just fine upright as shown, although the joint corner between the support ledge and the front face was not as smooth as I would like (which is a typical result for my printer).

Have you tried turning down your temp? I have found that that helps allot. What printer are you using?

Will give that a try. Thanks. I have a Monoprice Maker Select (Wanhao Duplicator I3).

Has anyone tried this with the Galaxy S7 yet?

Made it for my S7 edge, works like a charm !!!

Thanks for confirming!

The S7 is 0.6 mm shorter than the S6. Should be negligible.

Thank you. I will print and let you know

Hey Saputom, did it work well with the S7?

IDK, I have the samsung charger. The samsung charger does not fit in this stand