AR-15 speed loader .223

by TheGerman Feb 7, 2016
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Are the files for this pulled? The downloaded files I received are just a mashup of stuff about thingiverse being a junk platform. Which has definitely been true lately. Thanks for your time.

Yes. Pulled for good - I don't support the complete bullshit they do with the website anymore with providing free models.

I printed the 30round took about 22 hours and it worked just towards the end came little unstable due to its height but it works flawless awsome design thanks

Of course this was on the cr10s-pro

i was going to ask about a 20rd but in reading it appears that the amount of effort to push it in would harder than just doing 10 twice.
Thanks for the good design

Yes, I think that more than 10 rounds would make it cumbersome from a size perspective and just throwing the next 10 rounds in is actually pretty fast once you practiced it a little.

This 10rd is just a tad too tall for my Monoprice printer. 120x120x120mm. Is there a way you can make a 9 rounder? Thanks! The 5 rd turned out great!

On my Anet A8 I incresead the part that attaches to the mag to 101% and shrunk the plunger to 99% and it works perfect. At 100% the mag attachment was too tight and I couldn’t get rounds to drop clean.

Yes, size wise, several printers don't print 1:1 (could also be the one that I designed and tested it on that prints too big...). Glad you could figure it out!

Thank you for sharing this with us. Do you think this type of speedloader would work for MP5 magazines? If so, would you be interested in designing one?

The concept would be the same, but it would have to be designed for it . As I don't have an MP5 (or magazine for it), designing it would not really be possible for me - but give it a try yourself! designing these things is not that hard at all!

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Somebody's got your design and selling it on etsy. Goes by the name JohnsonsGeneral, I don't know if that's your or not, but figured I'd let you know. On the plus side, it's got 31 reviews and they're all 5 stars. I only see the 10 round with the slit through the middle.

Hi, thanks a bunch for letting me know! It is not me and I already reached out to him.
Always somebody trying to make some bucks on somebody else's hard work. It would not even have been a big deal if he had asked, but just taking designs that are not licensed for commercial use, is flat out criminal (and not fair to the community and the ones putting the efforts into the design...)

Looking at his price, I think it was fair to his customers though - if they were printed with decent infill, he did not make much more than $3-$4 on each of them.

If you have no plans to sell yourself, why would you make it non commercial? I really don't understand people.

That is just so that people don't make money on the efforts I put in designing this thing and to give something to the community. Pretty easy and straight forward.

If you don't understand that, I
1.) don't really care and
2.) recommend you put some more thoughts into why certain licensing models may make sense and
3.) suggest you spend a few days/weeks designing something and then see other people making money with the efforts you put in - I am sure that would drive some understanding....

Hi there, any chance of one of these for an AR-15 using .22 rimfire (UK)

would it be possible to upload the model file so i could remix it

Sorry, but no - I uploaded a few models before with the result that slight modifications suddenly were up for sale on ebay. I did not really appreciate that and that is also why the license for this is Non-commercial, No Derivatives.

Understandable. Would you be willing to cut a window in the side of the model then.

Yes, no problem - just uploaded the version with the slot.

Good day friend any chance can design an AR-15 fixed magazine loader? Fills via Ejector Port, for California compliant. Example: https://www.meanarms.com/products/detail/ma-loader-for-ar15

Well, copying something like that would be rather easy, but it is their design, most likely their idea, maybe even patented. So no, I would not want to do that. Best advice I have - get out of that communist state and find a place that supports our constitution and then get 100 round drum mags that work well with the loader I offer here ;-)

Something similar would be greatly appreciated by myself and probably many other people in California. Happy to donate $$ for your time. I like your idea though would like an option while here lol

is there any chance that you can design something that will fit on the G36 Magazines from HK?

If somebody sends me a G36 magazine, I can change the design as needed - unfortunately I have neither a G36 nor the magazine for it here.

Well, i have one here but i don't think i can send it to you. Btw where do you live? Just asking. But i could give you the measurements of the magazine..

I'm feeling crazy. Any chance you could make a 30rd version? Basically just extending the section holding the rounds. It would be much appreciated.

Well, I have added a version that should be able to handle 30rd, but it is too large to fit any printer I know of (use netfabb or similar to cut in pieces as needed) and I am not sure that the pusher will handle it (maybe if printed with 100%infill). Good luck printing it and let me know if it works!

Thanks man. I'm working on a way to get the rounds to fall straight and then I'll print this. Already printed 4 of the 10rd. 100% infill should last forever.

The 10rd is perfect. Just loaded 20 magazines super quick. Take a minute to get a rythm of dropping the rounds in and you'll get good at it. After a minute you can do it without issue. Thank you for the awesome design.

Nice to hear that it works for you! Key is that the bullet part goes in first and that the loader is a little bit tilted so the bullet part is lower. Gravity will do the rest. Takes a few minutes to get used to as you said, but I don't want to miss it anymore - especially when we take the one with the bumpfire stock out to play :-)

I printed both and the 5 round one seams to work better. Using the the 10 round the shells don't fall in straight most the time jamming it up.

If you hold it slightly tilted with the bullet side pointing down and drop the rounds in bullet first, it should work without a problem. After a few magazines, you will have figured it out - or simply keep using the 5rd one, it probably is almost as fast and smaller to carry around :-)

Thanks for the reply! I've gotten better at since posting my comment. lol

Thank you for the design. I'm confused, since when do they make 5 rd mags for the ar? Are one of these versions for a 10 or 15 round mag?

You can use either version for either magazine (I use the 10 rd version on my 100 rd drums for example). The 5 rd one came as a request from somebody who wanted a smaller one.
Not sure if there are any 5 rd magazine restrictions anywhere here in the U.S., but I am sure that there is no AR 15 magazine just for 5 rounds -it would disappear in the magwell...

Thank you. I was confused on whet you meant by 5 round.

Printed and tested the 5rd version: Flawless, there is no more to say.

Any possibility this will work or can you modify it for 5.56? Thanks!

Yes, 5.56 and 223 and so close to the same they should both work.

.223 Remington is essentially the same as 5.56 NATO (at least from a cartridge size perspective). So, the speed loader can handle both cartridges.