Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Customizable GoPro Action Camera 360 rig (with underwater case)

by amedrano Feb 7, 2016
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I know the issue with the rig. this won't stitch as the camera positioning is not correct.
The positions on sides are all vertical. thats not correct for VR. You need the positioning to be Horizontal (H) and vertical(V) alternate.
so it should be from side HVHV instead of HHHH that it is now. As for top and bottom, LHS, TOP, RHS config should be V, H, V or H,V,H looked up from any side.

Can you please make these changes to the position of hing so i can print it and verify that it actually works.

now you can select the orientation of each side individually, the default is as you say.
for N > 4 , top and bottom (1,-1) orientations are odd, this is the reason why I put the connectors originally on the sides.

Anyone printed it succesfully?

I know someone printed a version of the full cube (they sent me a PM),
they had problems with the material (they had problems with printing temperatures, not related to the design),
the dimension was a bit to small (needed more 'MaxCamDim' than the default 80);
They are also having trouble with the stitching software (again unrelated to the design)
otherwise the thing seems to work fine;
I added some holes to make it easier to screw the cameras in as they suggested.

Ok. Good info! Do you have the contact of this person?
I will probably try to print it myself, and it would be nice to get their feedback.
Concerning the stitching software, stitching is never perfect, no matter your rig. Even images produced with freedom360 rig can be hard to to produce a perfect stitch.

Hello amedrano,
I wonder if Gopro wih waterproof housing(60m) and big battery case can be fixed.

I don't know the "big battery case" let me just google it (...)
Ok so this contraption just makes your gopro a bit bigger, on the back; it will also hopefully lengthen your up time ;-).

I think this will only mean that you have to add a couple more cms extra to MaxCamDim, so that de backs of them don't smash into the other cameras. 80 is already a tight fit for standard case, so I'd say go for broke: try 120 but also take care of your maximum printing volume!

If you manage to print it, don't forget to post a made!

Hello Guys!

I have problem in oprning the project with Open Scad software. Whats wrong? Is it possible to convert it to stl and attach in here? Or anyone can send it to me converted, please?


try the customizer app, direct link for this thing:

I would recommend it, because it will let you configure the thing to the exact specifications that you need. for example select the number of horizontal cameras (N), the size of each of the cameras (MaxCamDim), the smoothness for a better looking finish (Smoothness to 2 or 3), you may also select if you want the opening for a quarter inch nut (ExtQIN) that will allow the rig to stand on a standard tripod, and if you want the go pro 2 prong interface (ExtGoPro) to use any go pro accessory with it. I wouldn't recommend changing any of the other parameters.

There are also 2 printing options (via model): one is the full frame, but your printer must be able to handle the full volume of the end result; or printing by pieces (N-1 Simple Edges + 1 Main edge, but you may also combine as you want) which will optimize the printing, but you will have to assemble the rig afterwards.

Also the app will be in charge of creating the stl for you! you just have to hit "create thing" and after a short time the app will create a thing in Thingiverse for you to download the generated STLs.

I am planning on doing a test printing and I was wondering whether PLA or ABS filament would work with this design.

I guess both will do just fine.
I only have experience with PLA, but popular belief is that ABS is a bit more rigid and there fore more durable.
Which rises the question which material will perform better in marine waters? this needs true research!

I cannot open the Customizer:

ERROR: boost::filesystem::canonical: No such file or directory: "/home/cust0mizer/.local/share"

It is now fixed, variables were not being set correctly and as result there was no output.

Would mind explaining how you resolved this? I'm having the same problem and you're the only person I've found who's been able to fix it.

My case was particularly dumb: there were some variables that where not being defined correctly for the customizer. These variables controlled the output models being generated. The thing is that locally openscad did not interpret these variables, it used the default value, and thus output was produced, but when the customizer runned the script, the variables took the values from the customizer setting (the comment part).
In the end the problem was a bit stupid (and partly due to poor documentation from the customizer app); value strings in the customizer options don't need to be within double quotes ("), unlike the value of openscad string. If you put the double quotes the customizer will include them as part of the string, thus when you compare these strings they will not match.
Find exactly what I am talking here. Notice the quotes for model variable, and also how the ifs were set in a way that if model did not have one of the expected values, no output would be produced.

My advise would be to check that your scad actually produces output, and don't trust one bit the actual values of the variables.

I don't understand why this happens, I should contact Thingiverse for a clarification on the error.
The scad file works locally, try that.

I'm wondering if making like 3 gopro on top and bottom could have a purpose... (since more than 4 on the side...)

With the pieces, if you configure more than 6 horizontal cameras, and depening on the size, you may be able to print 2 (or more) main edges, which will enable you to put 4 (or twice as many main edges you have) for top and bottom sides. I think the trick would be to give each a distinct tilt so they caputre different parts of the required field.

we should collaborate to develop this...I am working on something similar using Solidworks...keep in touch!