Xbox One Elite Controller Paddle Replacement

by who_1z_th1z Feb 7, 2016
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Is there any way you could post the dimensions or a drawing? I'd like to make my own paddle but it'd be a big pain to measure out all the paddle interface dimensions by hand. I can't open .123dx files.

I took a screenshot of the model, https://whoisthis.in/74ln4/123D_Design_YNH2OQenus.png
do you need anymore dimensions?

I can get you dimensions from my CAD program. I measured it out by hand then put them into 123D to make the model so I do not have any sketches or drawings. Is there a certain part of it that you want dimensions for? I can re-export it in a different format too. If you do, let me know.

i am slicing this with simplify3D Most corners do not connect. http://imgur.com/zRzSfQS

Thanks for letting me know, I sliced with Cura, also print @.1 mm. I just received the model in 123D and the pieces are intersected. I recommend trying to printing it see what prints out. I would like to see the final results :)

the second image shows the tool head path and sliced at .1mm layer height, i have a .4mm dia nozzle so some sections maybe to thin (the corner that acts as the pivot should still slice properly but it did not) ill print it off and see what it spits out

Ok, sounds good. this is what 123D sees: http://imgur.com/6RxnzeN

can you merge them into one solid?

I uploaded the merged model

sure, i'll try that

That fixed it thankyou

you are welcome :), i would like to see how it came out, could you post an "i made one" or post a link to your image. thanks

added a made and some suggestions to improve the design

Could you make a thumbstick for the elite?

I could, it is possible. They are held on to the controller via magnet, so they might fall off when using them

How well do these work? do they stay in as the original paddles are metal and interact with a magnet to help hold them in

From my experience, I have noticed they stay in well, although they do not interact with the magnets because they are printed in plastic. Maybe they would be better printed in metal.

Neat idea. What about the battery cover for the Elite controller? It would be cool to have a replacement for that, since it's a different back from normal xbox controller.

i can work on a battery cover for the controller, thanks for the idea!