X-Carve Z axis Belt Cover and Knob

by nmackes Feb 8, 2016
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As of August 2018, the limit switch is on the other side- so you will need to flip the print on the appropriate axis to make sure the limit switch cover is on the appropriate side. As the other comments have also noted as well, you will want to print both parts "upside down" to prevent wasting plastic on supports. I recommend printing the cover with supports as the limit switch cover is a little messy without it, but it's not required.

Thanks for pointing all that out. It'll help those looking to print this part.

Fyi my xcarve is a pre 2016 model....this may not fit on newer model xcarve

I printed knob and cover both fit well....thank you....the knob is way nicer than turning the stupid pulley...xcarve desingers should be fired for stupidness

Fit perfect..i printed mine upside down...no support...printed fine....thank you....creates a nice clean look on xcarve...and prptects belt and motor ....this should be standard on xcarve...their engineers are clueless of what product design should be

Does your x-carve have the homing switches? Cover printed fantastic, but the wires from my Z-axis homing switch won't let it rest on the supports like it is supposed to on that side.

Yes, I do have a Z axis homing limit switch as well. My wires do not interfere with the cover because I have them route inside the cover and out the slit in the back.

They must have changed the connectors, my female connectors stick straight up about 3/4". If I cut the connections off and ran the wires straight to the switch it would work.

Ah, I see. Yes, female connectors would get in the way. Mine came with wires soldered directly to the limit switch.