DNA / RNA Manipulative Display Set V2

by Eagleknot Feb 9, 2016
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My wife loves this! She's has a genetics PhD and has taught for many years. I asked her if she wanted a set and she studied it and said that A should be bigger than T but other than that, it looks great. Is there any way to "fix" the set so that the A is bigger? (I asked if it was that big of a deal and she insists that it would be confusing for the students.)

There were some revisions I needed to make. Please see the new files here for all of them, including switching the A & T around. I also changed the D tile, I found that kids were trying to combine the old D and A pieces in weird orientations. Thank you and your wife for your input!

Very cool! We are excited to print a set. Thank you so much!!!

You could simply scale up the A tile, but this is the first I've heard about A being bigger. I designed this for MS / HS students, and I did not want to make an odd sized piece that would eat up more valuable storage space. If she teaches higher level she can show the chemical structure and show why A should be larger. I'll look at fliping the tiles as well.

Thanks a very useful set! Should you load a file with the shapes of adenine, thymine and uracil inverted between them? Adenine is bigger than thymine and uracil.

I was not aware of that, I'll look at it, and may just flip the A & T/U pieces. That gets into higher college level biochem, which is higher then what I currently teach.

Changing the size of the tiles may cause to much confusion when starting DNA. Another important consideration is storage, as this set can be stored in the valuable space of a science teachers closet. Having different sized tiles may make it harder to store. I can fit a classroom set inside a student lunch box.
An advanced set may have more tiles related to the biochemistry , but that would be an advanced set . This was designed for Middle - high school classes.

Hi Eagleknot, I'm sorry for my bad English, I was suggesting to use the shapes of thymine and uracil tiles for adenine and the shapes of adenine tiles for thymine and uracil. In this way the classification in purines (G, A long tiles) and pyrimidines (C, T, U, short tiles) would be simpler for the students. You have done a good work, I am looking foward to use this kit in my classroom next year.

Ahhh... thank you for clarifying that... I'm thinking of making a magnet set, so I'll take your idea into consideration. I have not gotten that far with these tiles, but I see what you mean.

Nice job! Another way could be to add a magnet hole in each piece (for example a 3mm diameter x 1mm height neodymium magnet)?

I bought a role of fridge magnet strips that have a sticky backing, and used that as a quick and dirty way to put magnets on each piece.

I was thinking of that one time :-) I'll have to look and mod it.