Motorcycle throttle lock - Handguard compatible

by aaalberto7 Feb 9, 2016
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Hey, I have this on my CBR1100XX, it's amazing while cruising.
But Would it be possible to get second version for 1" handle bars? or at best case scenario adjustable width? :O

If this version is too small for grips on a 1" bar, you might want to try just scaling it up x1.25, using an M5 bolt instead of an M4.
Before committing to the whole print, you can try to fine tune the scaling by printing only the thumb screw, with the captive nut recess.

Brilliant! Thanks for sharing...

Great design, thanks for sharing. Works perfectly on my Suzuki

EDIT - I have tried this in Polymaker HTPLA and ASA but I suggest using Protopasta matte or carbon fiber - these seem to work better on the bike as the rough surface prevents slip/creep.

Sorry for the dumb question but what is that for? I mean locking the throttle would be a major security issue for a bike rider!

Not a dumb question. Think of it as a basic form of cruise control for highway riding, and as such it's not much more or less dangerous than stock cruise control, in normal operation. It's not useful when the throttle position needs to vary often, it just gets disengaged the first time the throttle is closed fully, then stay inactive. As I mentioned in the description, I strongly suggest trying it out and familiarizing with it before using it in the open road.

Printed this today and jigged a couple pieces to accommodate 8-32 hardware (I didn't have the correct length M4 hardware. Only really had to work the captive nut areas). Works great! Really appreciate the work and as others have mentioned, the index and thumb pads make a big difference.

Thank you!
If you ever print it again and want to use a 8-32 bolt, scale up the design by 1.09-1.1 (depending on print settings) and it should work the first time around. As you mention, the captive nut area will tell you if the scaling is correct, so experiment with just the thumbscrew and you don't have to print the whole thing to find out it's scaled wrong.

Hi there!
Great design!
I'm interested in printing this, but alas I only have a limited print area.
I have a kossel printer with a print area of 100mm diameter by 150mm high.
Any chance there might be a way close close the hinge a bit or something to make it fit in this area? Would you or someone be able to do that for me?
It is unfortunately beyond my meager 3d modeling skills at the moment...

Hi! I uploaded a version of the two-tab throttle lock that should fit on your printer's print area. It's the *SM_FOOT.stl file, with the two halves only partially open.

Let me know if it works out!


Hi again,
I have completed the print and it worked really well!
I had to print it upright to get it to fit in the small print area, so used supports and base adhesion to get it done.
The hinge works really well with little clearing out required.
Printed in 0.2mm layer height.
Thanks again!

Nice! It will be weaker this way, but it should work for a while.

Something else you could try: scale it down uniformly (0.785x), print it horizontally, and it should work just as well with an M3 bolt and still be long enough to engage with the brake lever.

Fantastic aaalberto!
Thank you very much!
I shall give it a go and let you know indeed!

After quite a while I finally recieved the new parts for my printer, so now I was able to print this. Still got some adjusments to do to fill in some gaps on top layers etc, but overall it looks really good. The hinges works nicely, good job!

I'm currently printing one off, going to print two off in total as both me and my dad have motorcycles. Just wondering though how well PLA will hold up to weathering? My first 3D printer and haven't yet tried printing with ABS though will struggle as it's an open frame printer. Guess could paint it to protect it more but dunno if it'll stop the hinge from working as well as it should.

Hey, thanks for trying this out!

The PLA will become brittle and discolor when exposed to the UV sunlight over time. Regular ABS would be a bit better, UV stabilized ABS would be the best option. Your idea of a protective varnish would help with this, and I think that would not interfere significantly with the hinge movement. The paint might flake off easily, though, because of the constant rubbing with the fingers.

But another problem is that the throttle lock is under a constant stress when in use, so it creeps (that's the reason for the thumbscrew adjustment) and creep is accelerated by higher temperature. ABS would creep less than PLA.

Anecdotically, I tested a black ABS one a few times during hours of highway riding in late summer sun and it worked fine, with limited creep. I also tested a grey PLA one for a little less time and it worked fine as well, manageable creep. I don't know how well they would perform during a whole riding season.

My suggestion would be to try out your PLA prototype and see if you like using it. Don't bother painting it, just store it out of the sun when you don't need it and it will last enough for you to know whether you want to try and print an ABS version.

And please, let me know how things work out, knowing the limitations of the material lets me improve the design.


Will give it a shot, annoyingly it's curled at both ends of the throttle stop, using buildtak as well. Think might be because bed temps I had set at 50 degrees for first layer then to go to 45 degrees afterwards and will part cooling fan on. Though PLA I don't think warps like ABS does could be bed level but seems to stick well for the first few layers then lifts up though is fine with smaller prints. Again is my first 3D printer so not very experienced at it yet but slowly getting there lol. Still gonna let it finish as it's only a small amount and it should still function fine so will do for testing it out.

Nice design update/improvement. Really like the index finger push paddle.

Thanks for great improvements! I'll make one, too!

Thank you very much, sir! I'm printing during the weekend and I will keep u posted!

No problem!
I am printing one today, I will try to update the files before the weekend, if I make some changes.
Let me know how it works out for you.