Poseable Human Hand 16 points of Articulation

by jasonwelsh Aug 13, 2013
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Is it possible to put this on the action figure?

Did you ever think of making printable spikes for scaling? Just feel it would be a good option.

Does anyone have suggestions for tensioning the joints? Mine are really floppy.

apply floor polish to the inside of the joints.

Mate, i flippen love you

"No sanding required unless your printer sucks." starts sweating oh no,,, my printer sucks..... looks like im gonna need some sandpaper

Is it possible to do a right handed model?

How hard would it be to make the right hand to go with this left? scale everything -1 on its width axis? Haha. Awesome file friend, this will help me immensely.

I need help from the creator of this hand! I'm trying to print it to be 160% thinking that the palm would be the largest file layout. However I found that all the fingers are combined with their knuckles and therefore do not fit on my printing table in their current layout. Can you possibly help me out by sending me files of the fingers broken into 2 files each? Fingers on one file, knuckles and joint on the other? I would really appreciate it! THANKS! Other than that I am really excited to finish this print and cast the pieces into aluminum. Great design!

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Printing one now.
Hand 1 came out alright, adhered perfectly. the rafting; a little too well.
so ive reprinted the first few layers, then cut and welded together with MEK.
Looks like it'll hold.
Printing Hand 2 now, 1h in, I will post a Made when its all done.

I'm a cartoonist/graphic designer, and I've been going nuts trying to find a poseable hand model to use as a reference for drawing. The wooden ones they sell in craft stores are useless, with little to no poseability. I want one that can make a tightly clenched fist, splay the fingers, and do all the normal stuff a human hand can do.
This seems quite promising. How is it with comic book style hand posing?

I'd like to learn a bit of how to create the ball joint style structures. I see the "lopper" geometry in the blend file and I assume you do some Boolean ops to cut the pieces. How did you decide how much of the lower joint to remove to allow an upper joint to bend forward? Is it just something you eyeball or do you have a reference for the design?

I made a jig that allowed for a 90 degree bend and used the jig to boolean the geometry. a example jig is called "01_BACK.002"

Each finger has a breakdown in a file called "production" that I have added -- look for "01_BACK.002"

Sorry guys in the summer I usually sculpt and create new designs, in the non summer months I teach at two different locations so I often loose myself in a workoholic haze..

I added an index for slow computers.zip and my mid resolution sculpt for people that wanted the original sculpt to play with. I don't believe in scanning ;) To a 3d modeler it's like tracing. ;) DOWN WITH POINT CLOUDS!

Hey Jason, nice piece of engineering/ artwork here. I'm interested in modifying this to use strings to actuate the fingers. Could you post the source files? Also, what software did you use to modify the hand scan? Kind regards.

Jason -- nice work! I've printed this a few times with the exception of the index finger -- all the other finger files are ~2 mb but the index is 10 mb? I end up killing my slic3r after 2 hours when it just won't process. Is there a reason for this, or is there something about the index finger that requires the extra file size?

You have done a great job of parsing out the complex movements of the hand in a very elegant model.

Are you sure about the scale ? I printed the index at 100% and it's noticeably bigger than mine (no I don't have small hands).

Hands are measured from the head. Hold hand to face bottom of chin to slightly above the eyebrow is the measurement. So the size of your Mellon can be used to come up with hand measurement. I used my paw for the measurement 200mm from middle tip to crook of the wrist. What measurement did the print come out at?

Fully assembled the index is 13,5mm and the middle is 14,5mm. Not sure where the crook is, from tip to wrist my hand is 210mm.

I modeled it in MM. But most of the hardware for the base is universal and will depend on the scale you print it. So far 75% scale is my favorite. The 1.8 Pla spikes work great for that size.

Is this model in inches or mm cheers

can this hand be transformed into a robotic hand like the Inmoov?

Updated Pinky.stl, after making 5 of these I noticed is was just a little loose on the last digit.

Featured also!

Thanks ;)

They even stole my hand pun for the description. Just had to Point that out...... O man.. That was bad.

Nice video explaining the riveting process, super helpful!

New base added.. Can support a huge amount of weight and balance the hand from a vertical to a horizontal position.

New thumb breakdown added-- new glow in the dark preview added..

Huge improvement on the thumb ! Now can grasp bigger objects pivot on the first joint off the wrist.

I only see the thumb breakdown, not the regular file for printing

Slight improvement to the ring finger - felt sort of loose on one of the joints.

Well done. a nice mod would be incorporating control wires.

Hand breakdown added to the files as a stl file for easy online viewing via Thing O Vision.

Printing a glow in the dark hand at 75% ------ Going to be so sweet! (It's those small things that brighten the day for me)

I would love to see this laid out so I could print it on my 120x120 Thing-O-Matic print bed.

It might work at 50%, I usually aim at 150 or less anyway for 100% prints

Everyone give this man a hand (great work ":]).

You should make it clip together with out gluing :)

Might be a few days before I can release a model breakdown but its pretty easy to figure out what to glue. I'll post some more pictures here is a bit.

Sorry to request- but is it possible to upload the file so that the parts remain as whole pieces, and are not sliced down the middle? Thank you.

I'm working on a remix that will greatly simplify assembling.