The geometric stand for MacBook Pro Retina

by Thomasdc_ Mar 14, 2016
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What is the difference between the big and small part? Should you use two of big or two of small or one of each?

There's no specific difference except the size between small and big. I designed it with the idea in mind of having my MacBook floating in the air. It is totally safe, I use it every day and never had any accident #fingercrossed. By security, some are printing two times the big part to be sure their MacBook is secure. So let's say it's up to you to choose between the secure side or stick to the concept side. The only thing that is not going to work is two small parts, you need at least a big one with your small one. I hope I answered your questions and if you print it please don't hesitate to post your prints and feedbacks ;)


Can be used in the inspiron 7000 15 inch

Hi Leandro,

If the thickness is similar to the one of the MacBook Pro Retina it can fit. In the other hand, I can't confirm you that it is going to work at 100% as I have no idea how the weight is balanced on the Dell. So be careful, especially if you plan to use it with one big and small piece.

Happy printing!

Made a charging cable clip for this thing so the cable does not slide off the table when not used.

MacBook charging cable clip for thing(1330829)
by Akiland


Thanks for it Albin ;)

I have a Macbook Pro retina 15" and I always use it with Speck SeeThru case, which is basically a thin plastic enclosure. How should I scale it if I want to fit in my Macbook Pro with the case? Thankyou in advance :)

Please double check the thickness of your Macbook with the case. I saw some people using it with a case without to scale it.

I have an hp elite book 850 G2, wow thats a mouth full, but will this stand work please or will it be to back heavy. (it is 16.5 not 15) Thanks

I can't tell you as I have no idea how the Elite Book is balanced in term of weight. Sorry

Would this be okay to print with a 10% infill?

I printed it with 10% infill, the structural rigidity is great however the only problem I ran into was how slippery the bottom is, rendering it useless as a stand because it slid everywhere. I ended up fixing this problem by adding stick-on rubber feet. Problem Solved!

Hi wallyballs,
To be honest I never tried at 10%… But please if you print one, give us your feedback!

It can be useful for the community here ;)

Can you tell me what the depth of the bottom hooks are? I have a MBP 2010. The base thickness of the laptop is ~15 mm (i.e. not including screen thickness) and I was wondering if this would fit without modification.

Hi mokami,
You should have a look to my original "Geometric stand" ;)


The first version was designed for Macbook Pro unibody from 2008 to 2012.

The geometric stand

Looks like someone made one for Air, but didn't correctly mark it as a remix

Geometric stand for MacBook Air

Great design. I really love it. When I printed it, I also printed two of the large ones and also custom-made 'cross members' for it. I remove my laptop often and so having the supports between the two pieces means it doesn't fall over every time. Not sure how to send the file through here or if it will let me. I'm going to put an STL file in a dropbox link in my next comment. if it gets edited out, I'm going to put it on my page, publicly and you can absolutely update this page with the file too, if you'd like.

Hi hiltonmw,
Thanks for sharing that with the community ;)

What dimensions should i scale for the model : MacBook Pro early 2011 13" ?

Hi Louis63000,
If I remember well the Macbook Pro Retina 13" has the same thickness than the Macbook Pro 15" Retina.
I had a look at the Apple website http://www.apple.com/macbook-pro/specs-retina/ and it looks the same thickness.
In my opinion, you don't have to scale my model. Just keep it like that it will work ;)

EDIT: I'm so sorry you're talking about Macbook Pro early 2011, my mistake... I designed first the stand for Macbook Pro nonRetina. You can have access to it here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1311411

Someone have already printed one for Macbook Pro 13" http://www.thingiverse.com/make:192170

The geometric stand
The geometric stand

What dimensions should I scale the models to? When I imported the "The_geometric_stand_for_MacBook_Pro_Retina_big_part," it was sized to 24.31 (X) x 11.11 (Y) x 2 (Z) mm. The small part looks OK, but would like to confirm that it should be 92.1 x 42.09 x 20 mm. Should the big part be sized so that the Z is also 20 mm? Thanks!

Slic3r indicate that the dimension of the part is 243.08x111.11x20.00 millimeters. You can multiply by ten to have the right size.
What slicer do you use?
Hope I answered to your question ;)

Thanks for getting back to me. I'm using FLUX Studio and it runs on the Slic3r engine if I'm not mistaken. I've heard that if a model is too large for the print area 170 mm in diameter, then the software automatically resizes the model, perhaps by a factor of 10. That sounds like what's happening. Unfortunately, the FLUX Studio software doesn't let us know that it's resizing the models, but we've got new feature requests in the cue. Thanks again!

I printed the original (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1311411) and it works great! thanks for updating this for the Retina!

The geometric stand

Wished there was a macbook air 13" version.

This one already works wonderfully for the 13" retina, I have mine on one of these.

Comments deleted.

What about designing one then? :)

He's already got a great design. If I have time later today I'll tweak it to fit the air

That would be awesome.