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Rocket with Helicopter recovery system

by cmault123 Feb 12, 2016
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Flight report: Flew this on a C engine over the weekend. Too much stress on the hinges. Lawn dart. It was printed with PLA, The hinge piece broke (pic 7, second 3d image) and recovery failed. I will redo this, maybe make those a little thicker. Maybe print that piece in PET for extra strength. Might also use small machine screws for hinge pins. Flew very straight and high on a C, would probably work just fine on a B engine.

Thanks excellent design , but those fins.. no way to fit without broking something. I was sanding out with the dremel for a while and then hammering and nothing . Need more clearance , much more , printed the parts in 0,15 with support , perfect printing and doesnt fit.

Thanks for the model Cmault123

I can't seem to find a plugged engine for this. Does anyone know a suitable "P" series engine? Because of the weight I would think a C series is required.

I printed this on an ANET A8. Had to do a lot of sanding to get the pieces to fit and move with little friction.
I am concerned the rotor will not unfold in flight. One way to find out... if I could only find an engine.

I used an Estes "B" engine. I only got about 250-300ish feet due to the weight of the rocket. I currently have a lighter version "2" that I will test and post later this week.

Hello. Thanks for the great design, May i ask, have you tested the lighter version yet?

Which engine did you use for this?