Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

CowTech Ciclop 3D Scanner

by CowTech Feb 12, 2016
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I'm not seeing the Wire Holder among the .dxf files for laser cutting. Is that file available?

Please can anyone tell me what bearing size I need.

I’ve just finished 3D printing all the parts. I’m using my anet A8 and Cura. I’ve not had any issues with any of the prints. Wow how fantastic does it look. I made a couple of mistakes. I printed at 0.1 and 100% infill for the motor base. It’s heavy and took over 10 hours. But worth it. The finish is amazing. For anyone that has a problem with supports, I would suggest using Cura. It’s free. When you want supports, Cura is fab. All you do is click supports everywhere and it just does it all for you. No faffing around with numbers etc. Removing the supports after a print is a doddle. The version of Cura is 15.04.6 it is an older version but fault free. If anyone is interested, I had the bed temperature at 90 and the filament at 235. Works every time.

I've been trying to install the Hours scanner software in linux mint 18.3 x64 from ppa:bqlabs/horus:PPA Horus but get the error "'This PPA does not support xenial'
Cannot add PPA: ''This PPA does not support xenial''. This is the software link from CowTech
Does anyone know how to install this in linux not useing the PPA or a workaround? I tried the other PPA listed (betas & rc's)It worked to the point it caused broken packages in /from opencv that even synaptic package manager can't fix. Only other choice I see is to gather all source and compile it locally. Got to be a better way. It did install in windows 10 x64 okay.
Thank you

I cant do anything with these DXF files. Cant you provide stl's?

The DXF files are meant to be laser cut not printed! You can order the laser cut parts on our site or send the dxf files to the vendor of your choice.

Any discount code for the cowtech site? I’m broke in 3D!!!


I couldn't slide the pattern plate into the slots on the pattern holder. The tolerances were too tight.

I whipped up a version in OpenSCAD (thing #2188103 ) with springs to give a compliant fit that holds the plate firmly.


Pattern holder for CowTech scanner

How about some sample scans from people who have actually made/built this scanner? Everything I have read says this type of scanning method has limited resolution, while systems using different tech (i.e. structured light) produce much higher detailed scans ... but the proof is in the actual scan results .. please post some examples as Things, place links here ... I'm sure many would want to see.

The primary site for the scanner is our website, www.cowtechengineering.com. I think at this moment, example scans are primarily visible on the Kickstarter page, but we're almost done with a new website that has a number of scan examples.

Would it be possible to publish the pattern in some form that would be printable for people who placed it upside down the first time?

Just uploaded a 13mm calibration pattern.


I'm printting You scanner. But I dont have CNC. Do You have stl files of those acrylic files?


We do not, but you can buy the acrylic parts for a nominal fee on our website: http://www.cowtechengineering.com/product-page/b14704fe-2ec8-6559-74f1-80b6c141bbf2

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Is it possible for you guys to release the models of the 3D printed parts in STEP format? STEP models are much easier to modify and remix.

I concur, I would like to add a couple of tweaks to the files for easier printing (camera base for example), but I definitely don't want to draw it from scratch

What kind of mods would you like to see?

Step files allow import into most cad systems. However, I have since discovered freecad which can convert stl files back into solid models and export them to a number of filetypes. I added a single layer "cover" to the holes in the camera mount and now it can be printed upside down with no supports.

We use 10% support on the two bases, .3mm z gap, 4mm xy spacing. The other parts are a little trickier, but orientation is important on the back cover, have it facing with the inside of the part towards you, 2mm xy spacing. Laser holders don't really need it, unless you use Cura where the support is a little more controllable. Then we use concentric support pattern and it's great.

Can anyone share any special setting they are using for the supports-to make them easier to remove for some of the tight fits between the two bases for example? I tried to turn one of the Makerbot settings from a 20 support to 14 and will see if that helps, but some of the structure of the supports is quite hard to remove.


You probably have a calibration issue. Have you read the scan guide calibration section?

I cannot get the scan from each laser to converge. the left laser is offset and outside the scan from the right laser. what am i doing wrong?

I see that both the STL files as the lasercutfiles wire holder b. Are these the same? In the state there lasercutfiles .22 inch (5.58 mm). However, if I wire holder 3D print he is 2.78 mm thick? Are these the same?

greetings Filip

Can someone post a picture from the result of a scan with the scanner?

For anyone interested, I designed a body and lid that covers the top of the camera and makes the scanner look less naked on top.

I also designed some wire clips that fit a bit looser and won't break the acrylic when trying to install them.

CowTech Ciclop 3D Scanner camera top cover
by BB1980
CowTech Ciclop 3D Scanner wire clips
by BB1980

I made a trimmed down bearing holder for smaller build platforms. (I probably could have made the original work on my Simple Play, but this smaller part made me more comfortable.)


CowTech Ciclop Bearing Holder (slim)

Note: Orientations do not necessarily match suggested printing orientation.

Camera Base : Support everywhere, no platform adhesion needed

Motor base : Support everywhere, no platform adhesion needed

Camera Holder: No support, no platform adhesion

Backplate : Support everywhere, no platform adhesion needed (print standing up with flat side down).

Laser Holder : Support everywhere, no platform adhesion needed

Bearing Holder : No Support, no platform adhesion

Laser Holder Core : No Support, brim or raft suggested

Gear : No Support needed, brim or raft suggested

(Slightly more readable print instructions)

My Camera Holder definitely lifted and moved. Recommend raft on it.

Thank you! I don't understand what we are doing wrong with the formatting. No matter what I do I can't get it to display right.

Nah, thank you for making this. I just pressed return a few times :-P

I wanted to confirm the unit of measures for the printed parts. Can you confirm if it is the files should be printed in mm or in? I was thinking it would be mm but your note in the download files made me uncertain.

The prints are in "mm"

I just printed the camera base and the bottom of it broke away from the rest. It looks like It was meant to as there were loose pieces that look like supports between. I am using a Makerbot with Makerbot software. Has this happened to anyone else?

That definitely shouldn't happen! Were there issues with any of the other parts? Could you have had a partial filament jam that blocked the extruder and didn't fully extrude in that region?

The 2 other pieces that I have printed look good.
A partial jam would explain the problem.
I had I rotated it so it printed on its flat base and added supports.

I can try it again.

I am having problems with the STL. files. The GEAR, LASER CORE, LASER HOLDER and PATTERN HOLDER are way too large when opened. The gear is over 18 inches alone. Is this the correct size? I have CATIA but I cannot open STL files. Do you have STEP files?

Could you try onshape? It's free and online. All of our parts were created in it.

Hi everyone,
I just published an updated version of the M3D mod.
The previous version was taking up too much space in the top area.
It's still in 2 pieces - but now just click them together an that's it!

I suggest you use another color for the small part!

CowTech 3D scanner back cover - M3D mod

Is it possible to get concentric circles or anything really to break up the bottom of the bearing holder bottom, bit flat surfaces don't print well for me?

I think I have similar issues. Did you get it to work?

Is it possible to get copies of the stl files with the models saved in the optimal orientation for printing? I would prefer to print these right the first time than to take guesses as to what orientation will work the best for each one. Especially, since you know this information already. Thanks!!

I unfortunately don't know now to change the orientation in Thingiverse. I will go into the description and try to explain the proper way to print things, but it should be quite self explanatory. In every case but the back cover, the largest flat side is the base. The back cover prints standing on its end.

You can load the stl files into a slicer such as cura or slic3r and move/rotate the object around and export it again as stl.

Has anyone successfully printed any of these parts on a MOD-t?

"Camera holder" - top piece which holds camera is not in the "Thing Files".
Kindly upload stl files for the remaining parts.

We are still working on the Camera holder and haven't released the file yet! Sorry about that.

For my own sanity I reorganized the "NOTES" and grouped all the object with similar suggested printing options together..:

Camera Base : Support everywhere, no platform adhesion needed
Motor base : Support everywhere, no platform adhesion needed
Backplate : Support everywhere, no platform adhesion needed (print standing up with flat side down).
Laser Holder : Support everywhere, no platform adhesion needed
Laser Holder : Support everywhere, no platform adhesion needed

Bearing Holder : No Support, no platform adhesion

Laser Holder Core : No Support, brim or raft suggested
Gear : No Support needed, brim or raft suggested

Camera Holder : Pending Release Note: Orientations do not necessarily match suggested printing orientation.

For some reason, no matter what I do it destroys my formatting and puts it all in a big block. I just tried to copy and paste yours in and it does the same thing. When I preview the text it shows as it should, but oh well. Thanks for updating it in the comments!

No worries.. perhaps you can whip up a little readme.txt file and include it with the other parts..

Forgot to upload the pattern holder the first time! It should be up now :)

This was a great kickstarter project that I have backed.
I was wandering when will you release the other parts? (Actrylic,PCB,Calibration plate pattern...)
So people will be able to print them out or cut them on a laser machine by themselves.
Thank you again.

Not sure when, GreenRider. We want to get our logo built into the center plate first, and we just have lots of the plate right now with fulfillment. Our first commitment is to the Kickstarter backers, but we will push out the Acrylic, BOM, instructions, etc when we can.

You are right.
Kickstarter first, Open Source later :)
Thank you.

The Print Settings under Thing Details refers to a "Camera Holder" but the closest thing I see in the thing files tab is a "Bearing Holder". Please clarify. Also I don't see any notes for the "motor base" file. Is this the same as "Turntable base" mentioned in the instructions?

The camera holder isn't being released yet. We discussed it in the Kickstarter update this morning. The file names should match up now with the motor base and turntable base.

Silly question (from backer 252):
Your thing description states we need two each of the laser core, laser holder, and pattern holder. Where is the pattern holder?

Not a silly question! Looks like I forgot to upload it! Away from my desk for a few hours but I'll upload it when I get back. It's a very small part ~30 minute print

Thanks much! Looking forward to fulfillment!

are these the final files for the kickstarter campaign that you just posted?

They are the final versions, yes!

PLA should be just fine!

Make in ABS, or is PLA good enough?

We will definitely let everyone know when they are finalized. We are just waiting on an updated stepper motor to ensure proper fit.

The black parts are acrylic pieces that we produce. You can acquire them from us on our website or cut them yourself if you have access to a laser cutter.

what are you using for the black arms in the picture as they are not part of the builds we can print out ?


Can you let us know when things are finalized so Kickstarter backers can start printing this in anticipation of receiving the campaign rewards?

Hey Jason,
The backplate is the only part that doesn't fit on M3D's The Micro. Any chance you could make this a 2 piece model?

Hmm....I'm just not sure its really doable...the scanner will run without it, its just aesthetics, but it wouldn't look good. You would have to create an overlap and bolt the two halves together. Its possible, but we don't really have the time to do it right now with gearing up to do the Kickstarter fulfillment.

This is where crowd sourcing comes in... I'm sure someone in the M3D community will find the time and take the effort... I'll keep you posted!

Does the thinkviews show the recommended printing directions for the parts?

No, they do not. I can try to fix that, hold on.

is there as file for the piece that the stepper is in and also is there a link to the firmware for the unit?

Parts should all be uploaded now. Some may not be final versions though, as it is a work in progress. All are very close, if not the final version.

Working on getting all the parts uploaded! Still several more to come. Horus is here: https://github.com/bqlabs/horus-fw