Enterprise 1701 Modular Snap-Fit Model

by RealAbsurdity Aug 15, 2013
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This is an awesome little model. The only tip I would add, is as tempting as it is, don't print the whole thing at once. The extended time on the print bed wasn't kind to the smaller parts or edges of some of the parts. I have about 3/16" in some areas.

I'll definitely reprint this though. It's very cleverly thought out. and a fun build with the kiddos.

I was looking for a weekend project, thanks so much for this.
By the way, Im scaling it up a bit (156%) which seems to be about right for fitting it into my 21x21x24cm build area, but I did have to split the sauser up into 2 seperate stls. I will upload a 'build' of the model at this size if this works.
Thanks again, I look forward to my end result!

Is there a way to UNGROUP a set of objects for this item? My printer messed up just the Deflector Dish and I need to re-print. Any ideas?

yes Cura will ungroup the objects

This is the coolest model I've ever printed and assembled! The way everything snaps together is so satisfying, really well though out :)

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Where is the "pin" in front of the deflector?

The pin is underneath one of the other sections. You can see it if you split the print in splic3r. Otherwise it'll be there after the print.

At 60% scale will it fit together nicely?

The stand from this thing scaled to 175% fits this snap together model nicely. FYI for anyone not wanting to hang it.


TOS USS Enterprise and Stand

Would it be possible to upload a version with the Saucer section only split in half instead of quarters?

I printed this up a on Prusa Original MK2S and it all fit onto the bed as one print.

I have looked at all four files and do not see the Center section for the deflector dish.

The Mid-section file has two of the three parts needed. Anyone have the third part with the little antenna?


Is their a platform for this model?


Use the stand from this model scaled to 175% and it should work.

TOS USS Enterprise and Stand
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Can you make a version of this with the enterprise D?

Nice model. I would recommend making the shell a bit thicker or the pieces solid with holes for connectors. While I was mostly able to print the all in one file, (the aft section separated from my build plate near completion) the entire model feels very fragile.

I am getting an error while the code is being completed, only on the saucer part of the build however. Using a Flashforge CreatorPro and had no problems with any other models/ parts. But it just can't seem to work out how to do the saucer configuration, any ideas on how to fix this?
Otherwise this is great work, I love the attention to detail and can't wait to get a working version completed :)

Thanks in advance for any help!

It is possible there is a small error in the saucer section. It was exported from a solid model and there can be small discrepancies in that process. Some slicers are more sensitive to these errors than others. If you don't have mesh mixer I recommend downloading it (it is free) and importing the problem file into its 3d print prep section. There is a repair feature in that section that does pretty good. One note: you may need to separate shells before you do the repair. After it is repaired just export it as a new stl and try to slice the new model. Let me know how it goes!

That does make sense! Thanks very much for the speedy response :)

I will download mesh mixer tomorrow (as it's work equipment) and give that a try!

Still a novice at all this haha what do you mean by splitting the shells? Just the quarter parts of the saucer etc and to split them as in further apart?


If there is more than one object in the file "separate shells" just make the individual parts repairable as individuals. Otherwise it might try to make them all part of the same watertight volume.

The model is very gourgerous.
But some details need to be improved.
Unfortunately, I can not attach a photo in the comments.
I can give the original spacecraft photos and show an errors.

Beautiful replica, really looking forward to printing your other builds. Snap-fits together a dream. Printed this in PLA ( ICE Wondrous White) no support and infill of 10%, and the only cleaning up I had to do was to the small antenna so it would fit the hole. Had to rotate saucer section plate 45 degrees so it would print, and that plate was the longest print at 6hrs 27mins. Haven't tried splitting/cutting so I could have a go at scaling up yet, might be a challenge for a rainy weekend.

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Very adorable little space ship :-) Well done! But... ;-) Is there a chance, that you upload all parts seperately - i am desperately trying to split the objects into single parts, but CURA on the one hand side is computing since over one hour now - on a core I7... - 123D Design claims mesh errors and MeshMixer is generally cryptic to me :-) Maybe? Please? ;-)

Thanks anyway fpr sharing the files as for the time being :-)


I assume that the H-shaped bits in the aft section file are for connecting the two halves of each nacelle? Has anyone printed this in PLA? I cannot get them to fit in either end.

Awesome model! thank you man!

May we have more like this, Please?

Terrific model, thanks. We had no trouble assembling it. Finding the deflector dish antenna was the only challenge. :-)

could you post individual parts please so I can arrange myself, my flashforge pro almost fits it all. I could reduce size but really dont want to if possable

I really like this model and I appreciate all the time you must have put in to it. I dont see the center part to the main deflector dish, is it inside another piece or is it missing? I dont see it in the files and I didn't find it in my print.

I found the center the center part to the main deflector dish in the mid section file, could you provide it separately since it did not print for me.

Could you provide the saucer section alone as four different STL files?
I want to combine the two front pieces into one part and the two back pieces into a second part.

any way to split up the mid section pieces. the small shaft for the laser did not print for me and I really do not want to sprint it all again just for that piece. awsome build thus far. half way there. thanks

This model is great! But you must make sure that you don't print support structures. On my first print I left them switched on and it made the model nearly impossible to assemble.

I gotta say, this model is just so gorgeous. The internal support and snap-together structure is fantastic. Well done!!!

Any chance I could entice you to make a model of the Nostromo from the movie Alien?

it appears that the AFT SECTION and the All PARTS files have tiny mesh errors that are making it so that I can print. What program did you use to check for water-tightness?