USB Rechargeable Mini Solder Fume Extractor

by pburgess Feb 13, 2016
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First off, I want to say I loved this project. It was one of my first to complete as I start down my maker path. But, so far I have had lots of problems with this staying in one piece. The back, where the fan goes, shatters on me within 24-48 hours. It is a very snug fit, but the fan always goes in. Come the next morning - or later that day - I see my first stress fracture on the case and the following day the case can be bent away because it's broken in several places.

I had a friend print it at a local library at 25% and 100% infill, the library only has ABS. I also printed one in PLA via 3DHubs, but that didn't come out correctly at all (fan would not fit). Any suggestions on changes I can make? I'm thinking of trying a printer on 3DHubs with Semi-Flex.

Hi LoneCzar,

Without having the parts in my hand it probably comes down to a case of tolerance and shrinkage.

  • Unfortunately not all items are created equal and there will be some size variance in the fan. It may be a case you have a slightly larger fan.
  • When you heat and cool plastic it will expand and then shrink. This varies depending on the quality and type of the material. It may be a case that it has not cooled fully when you insert the fan then as it cools it stresses and breaks.

The easiest solution that I can think of would be to increase the length and width by 2% percent this would give you an extra mm in the cavity (2% of 50mm = 1mm). If it is the thickness you would need to increase it by 5-10% to get 0.5-1mm (this is significant so may not be the best option)

Good luck.