Twisted Heart Box by MkrClub.com

by jrochelle Feb 14, 2016
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Bit of an issue getting the lid to fit, so I printed the lid separately at 98% for a snug fit -- 97% may be even better. (With PLA)

Hmmm... Fits perfect from 2 different printers for me. Glad you figured out a solution!

So, it turns out to be my problem, with a setting in Simplify3D. There is a setting called "Horizontal Size Compensation" that, for some reason, was set to slightly oversize everything along the X&Y axes. This results in holes being smaller, tolerances as well. Restored that to zero, and I'm fitting nicely. Nice design, by the way, much appreciated!

Hi.. When i open the folder files, there is only one .Stl and its only the top of the box... Is the problem with me or..

got the same problem :)

nobody else is reporting this issue... so might be worth trying again or opening with a different slicer or 3d viewer/editor

Nope... same issue. Contains one file, and it is just the lid.

Edit: Cura can't open anything but the lid. I tried in a professional CAD program and it chokes on it saying there are too many geometry errors. I opened it in TinkerCad and it took a long time but eventually opened it, however you can see "scars" of sorts all over the main body.

Great design. Thanks for this!

Hi,Thanks for your design,does it need support?and what is the max support angle for print this model

Hi - No - none of my models require supports. I don't know the max support angle - sorry - but I have printed these many times and never had any issues. It comes out really nicely on my printers.