Manual Playing Card Shuffler

by RockstarAlchemist Aug 15, 2013
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Ummm, I just printed everything and then realized there are no instructions to assemble it. What do I do next?

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what's the AxleCap for?

The axle cap goes on the backside of the main plate to hold the axles in place.

Wait....I made this and now I can't figure out how it goes together. Can anyone help me?

I’m with you. Did you figure it out?

Yes, I did. I can take some pictures of it from different angles, would that help?

Do you have the blueprints for this? I'm interested in possibly modifying it, and the software I have can't edit the 3d models.

Hello what are those ? "3 x 3 mm ID washers"

the question of how much I want do I need as in tool wise not 3d prints

How do I make this card shuffler There are no instructions and how much of what do I need

Did you figure it out? I’m in the same boat now.

I just added some photos.

How do you actually make this card shuffler it has no directions and how much o what do I need

Awesome thing, but the crankface is too big for most printers. Can you make it smaller or maybe somehow split it into two pieces?

You can split it in most slicers.

damn.... too long for my replicator 2x to print... :(

Awesome thing. Made one, but I had to change it a little to get it working properly. First thing was that I cut of the "tooths" of the cardguide and repositioned them about 2mm more to the inside of the shuffler to increase the surface with which the roller pulls the cards. After that it worked really good, but strangely not with all cards although I didn't find differences at the cards. Usual playing or poker cards were no problem but the ones from a game called "Ticket to ride" did not work so good, so I had to add some kinde of a pushing system which is nothing more than an oblique surface added to the carddeck.

I'm making one of these right now for my friend,
Since he's always getting into arguments about people not shuffling magic cards properly :P
Can you pretty please provide some assembly instructions? Or an assembly video?

I'm stoked to be a featured Thing!! I'll do my best to keep up and update. Many thanks, to all.

Seriously, post a video of this in action! How well does it work?

I'm out of the country, right now, so I'll try to this coming weekend.

Would it work for cards in plastic deck protectors like Magic cards?

What are the dimensions of those? I'm not familiar with a plastic deck protector (for each individual card?). Might require some tuning of the height of the gap on tabs of the card in-feed.

It differs in size, but the ones I use are "Measurements: 67x91mm (2.64" x 3.58")" (it's an outside value so only the size of the protector is relevant. Every card is valuable and has a protector. They're made of a soft, but rigid slippery plastic and are open in the top so you can slide cards into them.

Awesome machine, I hope it's compatible. I have a friend that has problems shuffling his deck due to an issue with his hands. Would be nice to gift it to him.

The in-feed deck is 95mm x 60mm and the thickness allowed through is about 2mm, so you should be OK, I think.

Last week I was thinking about designing such a card shuffler - could be very useful if it works. Now I can just download it - pretty awesome. Thank you!

Very nice... I've been designing something similar (but vastly different) for the past couple of months (on and off between other projects) and is actually the reason I bought my printer. I've come to call my project a "ShuffleBox"... still some flaws that need tweaking.

Awesome. This Thing will still need some tweaking. I'm not happy with the gear mesh, so that is what I'm working on now. increasing the teeth count and getting the gear diameters correct. I think I'll end up with a left and right roller drive gear....to avoid having to reprint/design the crank face.

Bumming, as the faces are too big for my Rep 2 build plate. What did you build it on? Any chance of getting the original CAD files so I could remix a Rep 2 printable version?

I'm thinking a scaled down version may be in order. My Printrbot LC+ with do 8"x8"x8", but I feel the void for the cards to land is a bit wide, so I think the design could certainly tolerate smaller build surface. Not sure it's two inches too big at this point. I'll have to look more into it.

You could try scaling down. It would require either using smaller screws/bolts or drilling the resulting holes out to ~3mm.

You can import the STLs into Tinkercad and remix it that way.

Yes, a video demonstration is definitely in order. This thing looks awesome.

Very nice design and 3D print! :)

Many thanks. I've been trying to tune the gear mesh (without redoing the whole crank face), in my spare time, which there isn't much....at least that I want to spend bent over Autodesk Inventor.

Cant believe you havent received even one comment yet. This is a awesome print, assuming it works it should be featured.

Hey thanks. I suppose I should post a video. It could still use some tweaking, as I mentioned in the instructions. Any references on eliminating the bolts. I wanted to be able to take it apart, in case I wanted to change things.