BLE Voronoi Feather Lamp

by adafruit Feb 18, 2016
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Any new info on printing the original shade? The overhang on the very top seems to be pretty extreme! Would you possibly run some supports up in the middle?

This project is my first print attempt. I'm using a Monoprice Maker Select. Started with case-top and it's a mess. I opened the .stl in Cura and saved as a .gcode. Any suggestions for a noob?

I have having an issue printing the top-dual on my Flashforge Creator Pro. I am not able to get it to print right side up as when it tries to bridge it just collapses and filling droops down once it starts doing the top layers where there is nothing underneath. In Simplify 3D I tried putting it upside down by rotating it, but when I run the dual extrusion wizard the diffuser part just ends up floating above it where it would be if it was right side up. This happens even though I had placed the diffuser on the bed.

I attached a screenshot.


Before rotating any of the parts, select both STLs in the models box and choose "Align Selected Model Origins" under the Edit menu. Then, "Group Selection". Once those are aligned and group, then you can run the Dual Extrusion Wizard.

I am working on this project and I using a Flashforge Creator Pro and Simplify3D for slicing. I am having trouble printing the top portion of the base. I am printing it without supports and where it overhangs on the bottom of it it is not handling the overhangs very well and its all messy with filament drooping all around. It can still sorta "snap" into place and will twist on a bit. I tried using the 0.1mm layer height but that didn't seem to work correctly with the first layer, it almost looked like the filament wasn't extruding onto the bed, so I switched back to the default 0.2mm height which I use for all prints with no issues. The print seemed to start printing fine, but I noticed strings of filament all across the center of it then when I removed the print I saw the mess on the bottom. Do you know what I could do to resolve this issue?

Yea, there is quite a bit of overhanging near the top. What travel rate and printing speeds are you using? Perhaps the active cooling fan is turned off? Have you tried printing with the extruder set to 220c? Just a few options to consider.

I went ahead and uploaded an alternative version of the lamp shade with the top cut off, so it's open to avoid any overhangs. I'm going to try this out on the Flashforge Creator Pro and post a settings + pic when its done.

Hope this helps!

I'd recommend simply flipping the part in Simplify3D so the top is on the print bed. That way there are no overhangs. I've created a remix with a one piece shade that also has the correct orientation for that part. If you want to check it out: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1353772

BLE Voronoi Feather Lamp (Meshmixed)