Add a Face to Mt. Rushmore

by mfritz Feb 15, 2016
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I don't see a Josef Stalin and that makes me a bit sad.

Can you add the file that has no faces please?

Excuse me Mr. President, But whos head would you like to see next to you??

I guess I'm overexplaining. No worries.

We're moving ahead w/ doing this project w/ an 8th grade class so I'll soon have a bunch of models to add here.

Well sure, but I was making an example for the students. So I deliberately chose something out of left field. If I picked something obvious then some of the students would copy my choice, or look like they were copying my choice. I've learned from experience not to "poison the well," if you'll pardon the analogy, with my example. Einstein had a few qualities that made him a good choice for an example model

  1. Not someone the kids will choose
  2. Recognizable face, even the 6th graders know what he looks like
  3. Easy for a beginner sculptor like me to sculpt his face, a 'stache and crazy hair and I'm just about good to go
  4. Actually has serious accomplishments so better than a pop culture figure that won't be relevant in a few years
  5. In the news because of discovery of gravity waves
  6. I love science

Hi :-)

You don't have to explain yourself to me, I was actually just kidding :-)
Nice project btw !
I'm from Belgium, we we visited Mount Rushmore already a few times,
I'm also planning on making your project, with my wifes' head on it (She is also NOT an American, lol)
I have a Xbox 360 kinect sensor (bought on Ebay for about 50 dollar), and with an application called "Skanect" (runs on Mac OSX and windows), you can 3D scan objects and people. (Because I'm not that good in sculpting, I'm more of a technical guy, not an artist, I can't even draw a straight line without using a rules)

Keep up the nice projects !


He was born and raised in Germany, but he became an American citizen so I'm claiming him the USA!

Lol, Arnold Schwarzenegger is more American then Einstein ever was. There are more then enought American pioniers, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, the Wright brothers, Walt Disney. (Hell yeah, even Elvis was important !)

nice project :-)

One little side-note:
You are taking of American history, but Einstein was actually a German guy :-)

Technically, he was both. Born German, he found himself in the States during the Nazi regime, eventually working to help the Americans beat the Axis Powers. Proof of dual citizenship in action!