Micro SD Card Holder FPV edition

by DuDlik Feb 15, 2016
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how about printing the cap in TPU?

Printed great with PETG from HKing. Perfect fit. Printed at 100%, 0.1 sliced with cura

Fits fine with standard PLA settings at 0.2mm layer

The trick is to insert the cap not all the way in first, pop it out again, then repeat several times going deeper and deeper. It'll loosen it up just enough that it holds but easy enough to remove again

I also found this to be true. First print had warping on the edges but 2nd print with heated bed @ 60 deg got rid of the warping. Da Vinci Pro 1.0, painters tape on stock build plate, Hatchbox orange PLA, 0.2 layer height, 185 deg extruder, 60 deg bed, printed both top and bottom at 100% scale ok.

I did not read the comments below before printing. I should have ...

After having force to close the box, it's impossible to open it again. Fortunately, I did not have any cards in it.

Bad design. WAY too tight cap.

Printed with PLA according to some recommendation in the comments

Cap Size: 106% - didn't snap on
Bottom: 103% - Way to big for the microsd cards - they where moving around a lot

Printed Bottom and cap on 100%, cards fit perfect. Cap snaps on but is a bit tough to remove, reprinting in 101% as I write this.

For pla I recommend printing at 102% to adjust for shrinkage. I printed at 100% and ended up filing the holes until they fit an sd card.

Printed in PLA.
Cap Size: 103%
Bottom: 100%

Standard micro SD cards wont fit. I woudl recommend to try:
Cap Size: 106%
Bottom: 103%

When printed with PLA it was also hard to get the cap on/off for me, I went to 105% size on the cap, but it might have been better a bit lower, perhaps 103%.

I printed several of these and the ABS ones worked the best. The lid fit just right and the cards fit the slots great. The ones I printed in PLA looked good, but the cap and slot size was too tight. I guess it has something to do with how much the plastic shrinks as it cools. An ABS cap fits well on a PLA base.

I really like the design, these are going to be great for keeping track of those darn little memory cards. I plan to print several as gifts as well.

unfortunately much too tight. Other than that its great though

Printed at 105% for a much better fit. :) My printer may be slightly off, this is what worked for me though.

Very nice! Unfortunately a bit too snug. I got the following result:
Bottom part 14.05 mm wide and 32.8 mm long on the outside
Lid: 13.65 mm wide and 32.6 mm long on the inside.
So the lid doesn't fit. Pity.

Thanks for this, printed using PLA & the slots are not fitting the micro sd:(

How about a latitudinal slot across the bottom to slide a LiPo strap through to keep the box closed. Perhaps a relief on the top as a strap guide.

And what next? When use with strap?

Whenever there's something inside. Let me see what I can do in Rhino with it.

I published my mods here: http://tro.pe/1RP2LR0

I have yet to print it however.

Nice additional protection, but my design doesn't open by it self in my use case.

There's enough friction that the top doesn't come off easily. I can throw it across the room and it wouldn't open.