Threaded Apple Pencil Case

by jsc Feb 15, 2016
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How big is the main part? I want to print this on my mpsm which tops out at 120mm

137.5 mm

Bummer. I'll need to design my own I think.

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Using a Dremel 3D45 ($1800. USD) printer, and struggled big time to get a quality print on this. I tried high quality (.1mm) and Ultra Quality (.05mm). I used Dremel Slicing software. I contacted Dremel support and was advised that I would likely need a $10,000 printer to achieve this print.
Can anyone please advise what printer (incl. cost) they used as well as the config and any other potential helpful things\tips.

Great model, it fits my pencil very well!
I printed at 0.2mm and it was pretty quick to print, too.
There were issues with the threads; the cap didn't want to screw on easily in the beginning but I got it to work by just screwing it in as far as possible, then back out and repeat. It's probably my printer over-extruding a bit so no worries, just fyi.
Also, the clip broke off very easily (printed in PLA). I'll just print it again, without clip

What kind of printer did you use? price range of printer?

I think that I used my MK3. I spent around 350€ when I bought the parts from China, but if you buy the kit from Prusa it's around 800 bucks!
Regarding your other comment, I think that you should be able to print this with 0.1mm layer height. The threads are difficult for the printer, so in my case I had to screw the cap on and off multiple times. Every time it went a bit further until in the end I could completely screw the cap on.

What is the resolution you used? also what percentage infill are you using?

The threads are relatively large so .20mm is adequate. Infill percentage is not too important as it will end up mostly perimeter in any case.

Thank you for clearing that up. I do love the look of the case and can't wait to print out the case

After making two of these, one for me and one for my wife, my wish is that the cap had some kind of clip built in so I can put on my shirt or other location just like a pen. I have no clue how to do it myself as I am just starting 3D Printing but here is to putting the idea in your head.

Thank you for the thing and hope it sees regular updates and improvements.

Also, any idea how one could add a letter to the underside of each piece?

Try the version of the cap I just put up with a clip. I make no guarantees that the thread won't strip out or come undone due to vibration, or the clip break off. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

The easiest way to add text would be to use Fusion 360, which is free for non-commercial use. If you decide to go that route, I can walk you through the process. Otherwise, you can try searching youtube for "Meshmixer add text" and that will turn up some helpful videos using Meshmixer. I suggest you emboss any text otherwise printing will become very difficult.

Thank you addition and the extra info. I really appreciate it.

Can the lightning connector cap get stuck? I'm really worried it can...

No. It's not that snug, you can easily remove and insert the Pencil. It's just snug enough where it doesn't rattle around too much from side to side.

After cracking the top of my Pencil, I was freaked out to take it anywhere...until I found this print! I traveled to Africa and back with this case without scratches and cracks. Thank you!

Great case! I used this for about 6 months, but eventually the cap ripped itself apart due to the tension on the threading, screwing and unscrewing it all the time. Adding another mm around the cap should reinforce it so this doesn't happen. Thanks so much!

I've added a "fat" version of the cap that's thicker by .8mm that should give you two more .4mm perimeters.

You're a legend! Thanks, I'll print it out this week!

Thank you for a great model! This is going to be so useful.