by gianteye Nov 27, 2009
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I had adapted these to print and printed a pair for Joel Hodgson and he tweeted about them here:

Rad! That is gosh dang exciting. I hope he wears them around.

This should help people to make their own pair on http://Ponoko.comPonoko.com.
I went ahead and put it in a template and checked it for fitting with 1/8"~3mm thick materials. Thanks for sharing your fun design!

That would barely cover the cost of materials to make it I reckon.

Um, you left off a "k" in your title.

"shades" kinda rhymes with "k". So it's a play on words, some might even find it a bit clever.

Like the MST3K opening song suggests, you should really just relax.

I'm taking the plans to my local plastics supply shop
amp; seeing if I can get at least one.

Me too. I was serious. I don't have a laser cutter, but I WANT. Someone make/sell them, PLEASE!

hi i can do this for you

Giant Eye, I don't suppose we could convince you to sell these on eBay? PLEASE!

"Someone should cut a pair and wear them to the Rifftrax Christmas special."

OMG OMG OMG I know what I'm doing!!!

I'm really flattered everyone's such a fan. Someone should cut a pair and wear them to the Rifftrax Christmas special.

Absolutely brilliant! I'm going to cut myself a set as soon as possible.

Sweet! I love MST3000!!
Shall hamve to makerbot these! :-P

sad times i cant get the dvds in the uk :(

http://video.google.comvideo.google.com my friend. just search mst3k in the
gt;20min category.