Fallout Themed Phone Dock

by Walter_B Feb 16, 2016
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Great print looks awesome well done !

I printed this as is, and I LOVE it, looks awesome! only issue I had is that I have no micro USB cable that will work with this that doesn't push the phone up. I was trying to find a 90 degree cable that should resolve this but no luck. Does anyone have a suggestion as to which usb micro cable fits?

I did also just order a qi wireless charger, I think I'll be able to mount it behind the Fallout Vault backing, be pretty sweet if it charges though that. In which case, all I'd have to do is plop my phone in the dock and watch it charge!

I just had this printed up and it's a really cool looking stand. I do have a question about the base and the faceplate however. How do I mount the faceplate to the base? I see that there are holes in the base for where the faceplate goes, but I'm not sure how to mount the plate to the base.

Originally the little holes in the face plate were intended to used with little nibs of 1.75mm filament as pegs to match up to the holes in the in the face plate. Honestly though, its easier to just glue it on. Some people have cut off the "rivets" on the faceplate that match up to the holes in the base and used little screws to mount the faceplate, and it looks really good that way.

Another thing what scale would you recommend the front plate to printed at?

Whatever scale you need to scale to fit the pieces on your build plate should be used for all three pieces. It is strange that it is printing the back mirrored though I don't know why that would cause the rails to not line up.

What scale would you recommend the Vault Back Plate to be printed at in percent? Because the back rail slots aren't a lined on the one I printed with the words backwards.

I printed the back Vault door piece and the words came out backwards. Why is this? Does anyone know?

That is strange. I would think it must be something to do with your slicer. What slicer did you use?

I used Cura. I just viewed it in Cura and the print is the right way. All I did was lay the object flat.

Huh well I don't really know what to say. If it sliced for fine maybe one of your axis is inverted.

UPDATE: I printed the back plate in a different scale and came out correct. My guess is that the backwards print was a glitch.

great project. i just finished printing this phone dock as my very first project on my prusa I3. but how can you "connect" the vault-tec logo on the base? did you glue it in place?

Yes I glued it. The little holes in the front of the base and the little holes in the face plate can be used to align the two peices together. That is if they didn't fill when printed. One of the makes on here they cut the little rivets on the front of the faceplate off and used little screws. It looked pretty good that way to.

Ahhhh ok. So my printer didn't mess things up. And how do people do their finishing touches on their projects? Do they use sand paper or do they use acetone? I really don't know.

I think all the makes on here were just painted. What I did on mine was just a few light coats of primer to help smooth out the finish, and then paint.

Ahh ok thanks a lot. And again. Great project

Your welcome, and congratulations on your first project. When you get it finished please post a make of it. I enjoy seeing everyone's makes.

I will. Thanks for the advise

Love it, mind if i remix it up a bit?

Sure have at it. Would like to see what you do with it.