Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!


by ChristianSilva Feb 17, 2016
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I love this .. You are doing a fantastic job of changing the lifes of these children well done mate keep up the good work

I am currently printing this arm. most parts are coming out great. the fingers need to be printed out with flexible material in order for them to bend. also printing slow is always good. I would like some assembly instructions as the video and pictures aren't that clear on how to put the whole thing together. for now this project will be for show only but would like to get proper instructions and sizes to print one that I could donate to a kid. also a list of the part you will need to buy would be also helpful.

Hi, I am wondering what size is this device? I have recently downloaded the files and will be printing a hand for a 7 year old child. I do have the measurements and have been looking at the flexy hand size guide. Can you help with this?

hello cristian , can you upload the missing part for lower hand body , and gear

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Buenos día primero que nada para felicitarte por este proyecto tan lindo y que hace feliz a los niños con un discapacidad te quiero pregunta si existe alguna forma de modificar las medidas de tu proyecto ya que yo trabajo para una fundación en México y estamos iniciando en lo del 3D, queremos hacer una prótesis como la tuya para algún niño de la fundación. Espero alguna respuesta gracias.

Hi I am printing this thing and it is really amazing.. Does anyone know where to find the bottom piece for the hand so the thumb mech can work? cheers Matt

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hola estoy muy interesado en este proyecto me gustaria poder ponerme en contacto con ustedes soy de españa y mi hijo es una caso muy similar al de este niño de las fotos solo que mi hijo es la izquierda si teneis los archivos de izquierda para únicamente escalar al tamaño adecuado e imprimir os dejo mi mail por si me lo podeis enviar davidfishing@hotmail.com un saludo gracias por cierto GRAN PROYECTO-GRAN TRABAJO

has probado de hacer un mirror/espejo de las piezas? Con Cura es posible hacerlo de una forma muy sencilla. Debería funcionar.


Amazing, Truly Amazing.
Thank you so much for showing us what you did for this child.
Please continue, And feel free to contact me if you run short of funds for parts or filament.

THIS is worth doing and I am willing to assist.

un gran trabajo con un inmenso valor etico :) gracias

This is amazing! I am totally in awe of what you have created for this child. As a mother, you have brought tears of joy to my eyes. As a maker, I am in awe of your skill. Keep up the good work!! You have made such a difference in a child's life!

Hermoso trabajo para un minusvalido

How many spools of each type of filament would you recommend?

Do you think you can do the same for hand only ?!

Where could I find instructions for assembly?

Soon very soon, maybe a couple of weeks more

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What a beautiful project!
My highest respect for this work.
I wish the kid all the best in the world and much fun with his Ironman prothesis.