Witcher III Wolf School Medallion

by Daniel_W Feb 18, 2016
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Can you please share STEP files too? I'm trying to edit it by hollowing it out so that I can scale it up, split it and put a lamp on the inside using F360 but I'm struggling with handling the thousands of polygons.

Great Model by the way, already printed a small version with transparentish filament and it looks awesome with lights shining on it :)

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For those with a finely tuned FDM, rotate this 35deg (-35 along X in repetier, should be "standing" on the ring with jaws straight up) with supports (no supports on part) and the teeth should come out well.

IMO this is the best model. Great work! my little sis is gonna love this!

Was about to model one, but I am glad you shared yours. Will print, thanks! :)

Do you happen to remember about how much resin this takes to make? Thanks! It looks awesome

The volume of the part is around 9mL but you should factor in a bit extra for the supports/raft.

Thank you :) I'm just starting to research resin printing and casting and was having a hard time estimating how much resin is actually required for various things. This helps a bunch.

this looks awesome though slic3r seems to have issues when it comes to the teeth

I recommend printing this part on an SLA machine (I use a Form 2) for the best results. Otherwise, I would recommend playing around with the model orientation and see how that affects the quality of the teeth.

Just made this on my Form 2 at 50 micron, it's come out beautifully. My friend is a huge Witcher fan so this is a perfect birthday present, I'll paint it up and add a chain! Great model!

Thanks man! Glad you like it. Post a make when you're finished, i'd love to see it.

I will, thanks again!

Thanks! Glad you like it.

It would be awesome if you could make a version with attachable printable teeth instead of the original to make sure you get all of the detail. Anyways Thanks! I will be printing this soon!

I've uploaded a new version with thicker teeth that are more printable.

Challenge accepted... :D Printed on a Wanhao i3. The outcome is pretty awesome. Some details got lost as expected... No worries, it's great!