Sexy BIC upgrade

by Fab22 Nov 15, 2011
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Aucun problème pour l'imprimer avec du PLA Bois, mais le stylo est trop petit, impossible d'y faire entrer la bille du stylo !

Printed in abs and had some scale problems, along with wobbleing when it got to the last 20 or so layers. For anyone having trouble, try rotating sideways before printing and scaling by 100.5%.

By rotating it doesn't it require supports??

Very nice. i agree with Relentless. Started out great on Solidoodle2 but once it started to get to the end it wobbles about too much to be useable. Very good effort though.

I just printed one of these on the TOM. It looks visually impressive for sure, however, from a production standpoint, I might recommend cutting it into more pieces. I found I had no choice but to print with a raft to get the the pen to stick to the platform, also as the print reaches the top of the build it has no support and the side pressure induced by the extruder tends to make the part flex as it prints. This reduces the resolution of the print and leads to some tolerance errors. But on the whole I have to say its a very attractive piece. Thanks for the hard work.

thanks for the return of your experience, i think i will upload a new file to print it in 2 parts horizontally because the shake issue is reccurent, and make it tricky to print. (however someones have done it with tweaking print settings.)

for the actual files i think LOW PRINT SPEED is the key.

please let us know what your copy looks like, send a pic!! ;)

Very nice word guys, congrats! :)

This TOM print went together with a slight clean up but there is no chance that the BIC cartridge will fit.

I like so much constructive criticism... take a look at cox181's copy, and zoom. you will see the quality difference with your... and his has not been cleaned. the file is not the problem in this case. ;)

Last weekend I was tweaking a little bit my
a href="http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:7703http://www.thingiverse.com/thi..."
and that has been the perfect "stress-test"

Thanks for the model and my apologies for the poor print :-P

Z extender
by aubenc

Oh, I forgot to mention, I used OpenSCAD to scale Z to 237mm:

scale([1,1,237/125]) import_stl(file="stilo2.STL", convexity=15);
cylinder(h=0.4, r=10, $fn=30, center=false); }

I printed without a raft and had to do no clean up. The part came out perfect. My copy is the one above by cox181.

I tried printing it on my tom using the tom file when i finished it wouldnt fit together i think it is because the print is to tall any tips on how to fix this i used a raft.(it shakes when it prints)

i don't know if the raft is for something but nycdesigner has the same issue and says he has printed at low speed.

have you re-tried?