by YSoft_be3D Feb 17, 2016
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Did you print the case laying flat or upright like in the preview pictures?

I just printed one and had it standing up. Works great!

thanks. will also try it

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How many cards can this hold?
Has anyone tried scaling it so it fits more cards?

Made it, and while it looks great, I think it doesn't work too great with regular paper business cards, the spring bed tends to press them together too hard and they jam the slot. Still a nice looking case though.

Maybe laminated cards would work better, but I'm not so rich ;)

Would love a 90x55 version of these. Here in Sweden we generally use those.

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I love the design, but seem to have an issue with it trying to double feed cards (and therefore not feed any) if I stick more than 6 cards in the case. any suggestions?

Excellent design thank you for your help please you could share the file in solid works to make it bigger thank you very much.

Very nice design. I can't get the card to push out of the slot like intended but I'll still use it .

i couldn't at first either. got a flat blade screwdriver and cleaned out the slot and widened it a little. cards come out fine now, so give that a try.

the files keep looking corrupted on slic3r. please figure it out please.

I would also be very interested in a 90mm x 55mm version! Looks like a great piece of kit!

You could scale the width to around 110%, so a 90 mm x 55 mm card will fit. :)

Any way you could upload the STEP files for these objects?

this is a really cool case. i wish i had some business cards to put in it. :P.

but! from the thumbnail, it kind of looked like a lego plate, and i'm just a little bit disappointed it's not :P

is there one for 89 x 55 name cards?

you can definitely edit it by scaling one of the axes to make it fit,

What a beautiful design.
printed perfectly on my MP MS v2.1
thank you

Printed one on my Prusa i3 MK2. No problems at all afterwards, worked right off the bed. It's a pretty clever design, I was in shock with how well it worked. Good job!

Having printed a couple, this is now by far my favorite design on Thingiverse -- the texturing is done really well, making it look and feel awesome, and it works well, and its functional to boot. Congrats on this design.

Having printed a couple, this is now by far my favorite design on Thingiverse -- the texturing is done really well, making it look and feel awesome, and it works well, and its functional to boot. Congrats on this design.

Printed the 90x50 case and spring. 95% sure I printed the right files. The spring won't fit in the case, slightly too wide. Not sure what the issue is.

I just printed this yesterday and have the same issue with the spring. It got stuck in the case after I forced it inside, and took me some real effort to pull it back out.

Turned out flawless, thanks!

Has anyone tried just resizing it in Cura to fit 90x55?

I resized the 90x50 diamond case and spring in order to fit my 90x55 business cards, and it works just fine! I used Simplify3D, but it would work just as well in Cura. I resized the .stl files here to 107%.

Just carry them in your pocket!

And have them get crinkled and bent out of shape? Not the best impression to leave on anyone you might want to give a business card to ^^"
(also yes, i know i'm responding to a year-old comment but i didn't need to print one of these until today, okay? :V)

Awasome design. Thank you for your effort.

can you please upload a version for 90x55mm?

If you could place a coin inside the central opening you could make it a bottle opener also.

It seems that if the case is not almost completely filled with cards the spring mechanism fails to hold the tray inside the case. Has anyone else run into this problem?

I've ran into this problem. And to add to that, the sprint mechanism won't go all the way into the case.

85x55 version | .2mm | PLA | 15% | Makerbot Replicator 2

Nice design, could you maybe upload the hexagon one with solid top so I could cut a different shape myself?

Have you or anyone else had any issues with print shift with these print files? I have tried to print both the 85x55, 90x55 and the spring of both and about mid print, no matter how I print it, the print will shift on the Y axis. To make sure It wasn't my printer, I printed another object that I downloaded and it came out just a perfect as all my past prints. Im using MatterControl on a gCreate GMax 1.5+

I printed the card holder with no issues. Have you tried printing it on a raft?

I printed it on a raft but it also failed. After playing with it, I moved the print around on the Z Axis and got the print to work. Thank you for the assistance.

Great design!
I also need 90 x 55 mm, please.

Nice design! Could you do a 90 x 55 mm version? My cards don't fit :(


90 x 55 size

Awesome design! Would you mind sharing the cad file(s) so I can modify slot size a bit for some plastic cards I have as well? Great job!