3D Maneuver Gear - Attack on Titan

by VirgilVox Aug 17, 2013
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Hi, do you happen to know what the width and depth of the hole in the top is? I was interested in modeling a printable blade for this handle model.

great model, but i wish it had holes where the model is meant to connect it would make the build process a lot easier

VirgilVox, can you please make a blade for the maneuver gear, thanks!

hey I'm working on printing this for an upcoming cosplay and I was just wondering if I should simply print the top and bottom piece with supports (since there are some overhanging parts and I'm not sure whether it would be best to print them with supports or in two halves and assemble them afterwards). If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again for sharing this !

Did you paint the 3D Maneuver Gear with painting after the print or did you use PLA filaments of different colors?

Hey, I'm kinda new to 3D printing stuff, how do I go about using supports for the overhanging parts of the top piece and the handle? Thanks so much!

If you use CURA, go to the left menu and search for support. Then select whatever you want

Signed up just to say: Thank you very, very much for sharing this. I was really struggling to make it myself.

Also is dimensions the correct side for actual size

How lone would this take to print on a 2x printer

Thanks for your share

Do you know how much on of these handles weighs? I'd like to print some but I'd like to estimate costs first.

I know this isn't what this site is usually used for, but can I use this for a game I'm making?

hie can i know th infil?

Awesome, I'm glad you found my findings useful. At the time I didn't have a 3d printer, but recently I got one! I'm revamping my entire 3DMG cosplay with build-in speakers.

These are perfect! I already made the part of the maneuver gear that straps onto the back, and I just needed to make some blade handles. With our group cosplay, we all were going to have our names printed on our gear. Would it possible for me to have the .ipt files that were originally made so I can emboss our names on the handles?

Ha I randomly stumbled upon your account

what software did you use to make this

Autodesk Inventor!

you can get it here for free! http://students.autodesk.comstudents.autodesk.com

I just can't get the top to print. The supports keep pulling up no matter what color I use or what direction I place it. How did you have it placed on the build plate? And ideas?

try useing lulzjuice. It's not officialy called that, but if you look up the name, you will find a great tutorial.

if you look at the pictures the lines on the actual finished product show that

Printed these up this week! I'll add a photo to the "I Made One" tab. Do you still plan to upload the blades? Would be pretty awesome to get the laser cut files for the rest of the parts too!

What did you use to connect the pieces? I'm about halfway done with printing a set and starting to wonder if epoxy will be strong enough with the blade attached.

I have to find the files for the blade but will post them tonight. I have two sides of each blade cut in 3mm mdf. I glue them together and then just slide them in. the size alone has then staying in pretty well, then just two bolts to hold them in place. the rest of the parts are glued together with gorilla glue. a fair amount of standard superglue works well too. post pics! :)

Hi VirgilVox!

Do you still plan on uploading the blades?

They've been fully assembled and were the envy of the convention! Thanks for the specs, I just have to get them back from my friend so I can show them off to you!

Awesome, thanks much! I'll make sure to upload pictures when I've attached all of the parts! :D

This is great, printing mine at the moment!
Shall upload some pictures when done.

Did you ever model anything else from the three dimensional maneuver gear?

I actually have laser cutter files for all the other parts for the whole gear as well as some 3D files for other parts. I'll try to get those up sooner than later.

I love it, im planning on trying to make something like this later this year.